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Original Recording Format: DSD 256
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Kinn is the 4th Stereo and 5.1 Channel DSD Surround Sound release at NativeDSD from pianist and composer Marc van Roon. It features a trio including Marc van Roon on piano and synths, Omer Govreen on Double Bass and Tristan Renfrow on Drums. All of the tracks on the album were composed by members of the trio.

The album is exclusively available in Stereo and 5 Channel DSD 256 and DSD 128 plus Stereo DSD 512 at NativeDSD. The album is also available in Stereo and 5 Channel DSD 64 and DXD plus an Auro 3D edition in 5.1.4 Immersive Audio

Kinn (by analogy with the word ‘kinship’) explores new forms of playing together. The recording was made in Schiedam’s Westvestkerk and the special acoustics of this place are an integral part of the musical result. Van Roon can be heard both on Grand Piano and Analog Synthesizer on the album. TRPTK calls Kinn “A surprising look at improvising.”

Marc van Roon says “In my music I want to break free from traditional rules regarding harmony and melody,” says the leader. “I choose total freedom and I have chosen my fellow musicians especially for this. They are able to enter into the adventure with an open mind. We want to show what we can achieve artistically when we are in a space together. The starting point is the connection between the players: you open yourself up to the unexpected so that new things can emerge musically. By listening carefully to each other and responding to each other, you can allow something special to blossom in the moment, where we creatively embrace both miraculous gifts and unpleasant surprises.”

I am also happy that my album is part of TRPTK’s rich catalog. It has become a beautiful product that will appeal to both Jazz and Classical music lovers. Finally, I would like to draw attention to the cover, with a beautiful photograph by Boukje Kassenaar that is a fitting representation of our musical achievement.”

Marc van Roon Trio
Marc van Roon – Piano & Synths
Omer Govreen – Double Bass
Tristan Renfrow – Drums


Please note that the below previews are loaded as 44.1 kHz / 16 bit.
Wild Aesthesis
Biophonic Resonance
Noeta 1
When Heart Shells Dissolve
Noeta 2
Noeta 3
Making Kin

Total time: 00:53:13

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Hegel H30, Hegel C55

Analog to Digital Converters

Hapi & Anubis, Merging Technologies with Grimm Audio CC2 Master Clock

Assistant Engineer

Bart Koop


Furutech custom microphone cables, Furutech custom loudspeaker cables, Furutech custom power cables


KEF Blade Two, KEF LS50 Meta

Mastering Engineers

Brendon Heinst (DXD), Tom Caulfield (DXD to DSD Transfers)

Microphone Preamplifiers

Millennia HV-3D-8


DPA d:dicate 4041-SP, DPA d:dicate 4006A, DPA d:dicate 4015A, Ehrlund EHR-M, Singular Audio f-48


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Original Recording Format

Piano Technician

Martijn van Dijk

Recording Engineer

Brendon Heinst

Recording Location

Westvest90 Church in Schiedam, Netherlands on December 3rd and 4th 2021


JCAT Optimo 3 Duo, JCAT M12 Switch Gold, JCAT NET Card XE, Computer Audio Design GC3, Furutech NCF Boosters

Release DateNovember 10, 2022

Press reviews

Positive Feedback

On the more contemporary side of things, Marc van Roon and companions take their piano, bass and drums trio down some innovative, exploratory avenues. As always with Marc van Roon, we here have some excellent improvisational music, filled with varied and unique sound combinations and rhythms that defy easy categorization. Is it jazz? Is it classical? There are no traditional rules applied here. The trio is comprised of Marc van Roon on piano and synths, Omer Govreen on double bass and Tristan Renfrow on drums. The acoustic environment of Schiedam’s Westvest90 Church in the Netherlands once again provides just the right acoustic space, that Brendon Heinst leverages beautifully.


Memorable melodies serve as gateways to solos before the musicians re-voice the theme to tidily resolve the performance. None of that applies to Kinn when Marc van Roon pursues a decidedly more abstract approach and avoids clichés at every step.

In his trio, freedom is paramount and so too is deep listening between the participants, the Dutch pianist (here playing a Steinway grand) and his partners, double bassist Omer Govreen and drummer Tristan Renfrow. No structural safety nets exist when the three embrace improv at its most extreme. That makes for both unpredictable and exciting music and maximum listening engagement, even if no one will come way humming a melody.

Renfrow and Govreen are both wellsprings of invention throughout, explosive at one moment and delicately textural the next. While piano is the primary melodic instrument by default, the playing’s characterized here, just as intended, by balance. It’s less a piano-led trio with bass and drums functioning as support than a multi-limbed entity where all three are equally responsible for the result.

As is always the case with TRPTK releases, the sound quality is state-of-the-art, and the performances, laid down in Schiedam’s Westvest90 Church in the Netherlands, benefit from the resonant acoustics of the recording locale and are captured beautifully.


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