Sacred Trance Music from Taos Mountain [DSD EP]

Habib Chishti, Michael Rosell, Salman Hanuman Lee, Shawnina Good Road Woman

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Original Recording Format: DSD 256
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Into a magical world from Taos, New Mexico

Sacred Trance Music from Taos Mountain features two tracks in Stereo and Multichannel DSD 256. These tracks from the album invites us into the magical world of Habib Chishti, Sufi Master, and Singer. Habib (Patrick Arthur Lee) was born into a Jewish and Catholic home. He lived primarily in Taos, New Mexico starting at age 13.

When one meets Habib today, one sees a huggable bear of a man sharing the infectious twinkle in his eye. He looks like a wandering ascetic on a Himalayan path, yet well fed. His all-encompassing affection for humanity and the world helps one appreciate Habib’s multiple religious backgrounds.

Taos, New Mexico evokes magic, mystery, art, multiculturalism and majesty. Home to the Tiwa speaking Red Willow people of Taos Pueblo for more than a thousand years, home to Spanish settlers from 1600 and “Anglos” (which means everyone not Native American or Spanish) since shortly after the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848, Taos offers not only breathtaking scenery, refreshing air and light and the magnificent smells of adobe earth, pinion and sagebrush, but also the social problems and triumphant collaborations that come from three distinct cultures living together in what is still in many ways the Wild West.

Taos inspired some of the 20th Century’s most creative artists and writers but also struggles with aching poverty in all three communities. One of my friends exclaimed that Taos is like the Third World, with all its accompanying wonders and struggles, but with delicious safe water and reliable electricity. For Anglos who move to Taos, locals say that Taos Mountain either spits them out or integrates them without prejudice. I leave the truth of this to others and to The Mountain to decide. This famous Mountain lies on the Taos Pueblo reservation, north of the historic Taos Pueblo buildings and north of the early Hispanic fortified village known originally as Don Fernando de Taos.

— Bob Attiyeh

Read Bob Attiyeh’s blog post about this release here.  More information on the album is provided in the 49-page PDF booklet via the link above.

Habib Chishti, Vocals 



Please note that the below previews are loaded as 44.1 kHz / 16 bit.
Two Hanuman Chalisas
Two Sufi Dhikrs

Total time: 00:28:12

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Digital Converters

Hapi by Merging Technologies

Editing Software

Pyramix by Merging Technologies

Mastering Engineer

Bob Attiyeh and Arian Jansen (Stereo & Surround Sound), Tom Caulfield (DSD Stereo & DSD Surround Sound)


DSD 512 Stereo files created by Tom Caulfield at the NativeDSD Mastering Lab using Jussi Laako's modulators from Signalyst

Original Recording Format


Bob Attiyeh

Recording Engineer

Bob Attiyeh

Recording location

The Imhof Studio, Taos, New Mexico, September 4-5, 2019

Recording Type & Bit Rate

DSD 256 (Stereo and Surround Sound)

Release DateNovember 6, 2020

Press reviews

Positive Feedback 5 out of 5

Go to your quiet place, turn out the lights, transport to the original recording session with these musicians. The sound quality is that good — immersive, translucent, and transcending. And the musical performances are that subtle, seductive, and enveloping.

Bob Atiyeh at Yarlung Records has been an adventurous supporter of new, emerging artists. His recordings have long been favorites of mine. And he does not disappoint with this new release as he introduces me to a musical language with which I’ve not spent much time before.

I thought my first article about Yarlung Records would be a general introduction and survey highlighting several among their many outstanding releases over the years. But when I heard this recording for the first time today, it stopped me dead in my tracks and I just needed to write about it.

Sacred Trance Music from Taos Mountain invites us into the multicultural world of Habib Chishti, Sufi Master and Singer, who lives in Taos, New Mexico. Habib (birth name, Patrick Arthur Lee) was born into a Jewish and Catholic home. He lived primarily in Taos, New Mexico starting at age 13 and has absorbed the disparate multicultural lineages that make up the unique cultural community that is Taos.

This DSD 256 EP from NativeDSD Music to which I’m listening contains two tracks. Track one includes two cycles of the Hanuman Chalisa, a Hindu hymn to the monkey-god Hanuman. Track two includes two cycles of a Sufi dhikr, or meditative chant, designed to engender a mystical union with God. In these two tracks, one experiences an aspect of the multicultural embrace that infuses Habib’s life.

The marvelous treat with this DSD 256 EP is 28 minutes of superbly recorded music in pure DSD with no PCM processing. The clarity, resolution, and purity of the sound are stunning. It simply doesn’t get better than this for a sound-quality-worshipping audiophile who values minimalist miking that captures the session simply and without post production edits and futzing. When coupled with music performance quality of this standard, the listening just cannot be bettered.

Highly recommended.


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