Yuko Mabuchi Plays Miles Davis – Yarlung 15th Anniversary Edition

JJ Kirkpatrick, Yuko Mabuchi Trio

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Original Recording Format: DSD 256
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Exclusively Available in Stereo DSD 512, DSD 256, DSD 128, and DSD 64 at NativeDSD Music

Yuko Mabuchi Plays Miles Davis is a tribute to the music of legendary Jazz trumpeter Miles Davis.  It features 5 tracks written by Miles Davis plus 3 original compositions by Yuko Mabuchi.  For this special album, recorded live in concert in Stereo and Multichannel DSD 256 (and exclusively available in DSD 256 at NativeDSD Music), the Yuko Mabuchi Trio – Yuko Mabuchi (piano), Del Atkins (bass) and Bobby Breton (drums) – is joined by trumpeter JJ Kirkpatrick from the Sophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet (albums also available in DSD from NativeDSD Music).  With this line-up of musicians, it is a musical adventure you won’t want to miss.

In this special edition of Yuko Mabuchi Plays Miles Davis, Yarlung’s producer and recording engineer Bob Attiyeh has gone back to the Stereo edition of Yuko Mabuchi Plays Miles Davis and remastered it in celebration of the music label’s 15th Anniversary.  It is made available in Stereo DSD 512, DSD 256, DSD 128, and DSD 64 exclusively at NativeDSD.

Bob Attiyeh says “Pianist Yuko Mabuchi continues to evolve. Each live concert explores new ground and excites us for what promises to come in future decades. Yuko Mabuchi plays Miles Davis remains one of the top albums in the Yarlung catalog, and has certainly received appreciation from Jazz lovers, Audiophiles, and live Yuko Mabuchi concert fans alike. Her second Yarlung album has sold almost as many copies as her first break-out Yarlung project titled Yuko Mabuchi Trio.

When Yuko made her debut at Segerstrom Center for the Arts, the CD and LP of her self-titled debut album signing line stretched around the lobby and back into the concert hall and kept growing. Then, in December of 2019, NativeDSD awarded Yuko Mabuchi plays Miles Davis Jazz Album of the Year! What an honor.

I will never forget Yuko’s happy voice on the phone when she learned of this award. Thank you, Bill Dodd and Brian Moura, and the valiant team at NativeDSD who make so much fabulous high-resolution DSD music available. And thank you for your support for so many musicians around the world.

Given this album’s popularity, we chose Yuko Mabuchi Plays Miles Davis for a special re-issue during Yarlung’s 15th Anniversary. Arian Jansen and I worked carefully using SonoruS Holographic Imaging technology (and the newly designed SHI18) in the analog domain to make small adjustments in soundstage and the presentation of the concert hall acoustic environment. It is a treat to work closely with my co-recording engineer Arian on this and so many projects. We have more albums in the pipeline for you!

Best wishes and Happy Yarlung 15th Anniversary!”

Yuko Mabuchi Trio with JJ Kirkpatrick
Yuko Mabuchi – Piano
Del Atkins – Bass
Bobby Breton – Drums
JJ Kirkpatrick – Trumpet


Please note that the below previews are loaded as 44.1 kHz / 16 bit.
All Blues
Blue In Green
Ikumi's Lullaby
So What
Sky With No Tears
Missing Miles

Total time: 01:01:18

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Associate Producers

Billy Mitchell & Elliot Midwood

Digital Converters

Hapi, Merging Technologies

Executive Producer

Randy Bellous

Funding Support

Randy & Linda Bellous, Toyota Motor North America, Stratton Petit Foundation, Ann Mulally, Steven A. Block, Raulee Marcus, Leslie Lassiter, Drs. Antonio & Hanna Damasio, Dr. W. Benton & Mrs. Diane Boone

Mastering Engineer

Steve Hoffman, Arian Jansen & Bob Attiyeh (Stereo); Tom Caulfield (DSD 512)


AKG C-12, C-24; 2 Schoeps M222 Vacuum Tube microphones

Original Recording Format


Bob Attiyeh

Recording Engineer

Bob Attiyeh & Arian Jansen

Recording Location

Brain and Creativity Institute’s Cammilleri Hall at (USC), Los Angeles, California

Recording Software

Pyramix, Merging Technologies

Recording Type & Bit Rate

DSD 256

Sound Consultants

Brad Michel & Ricardo Ryan

Release DateJune 19, 2020

Press reviews

HiFi Choice 5 out of 5

I spent yesterday afternoon listening…. As anticipated, it is superb! The Lullaby gently relaxes you into the environment of the Cammilleri Hall. Yuko’s sympathetic rendition of ‘So What’ took me a few moments to clue into Miles’ original performance, but when I got there, it was true to him, but with a freshness and energy that Yuko and her team imparted to the performance – wonderful stuff! The remaining two tracks are a real homage to Miles Davis, but with Yuko’s individuality imprinted on her super compositions.

NativeDSD Listener

I purchased Yuko Mabuchi plays Miles Davis in DSD 256 from NativeDSD Music. It is heavenly. I’m glad I found the NativeDSD Music site. There are some real gems here.

NativeDSD – 2019 Album of the Year – Jazz 5 out of 5

In 2017, the Yuko Mabuchi Trio featuring Yuko Mabuchi on piano, Del Atkins on bass and Bobby Breton on drums released their first album on Yarlung. Recorded in Stereo and Multichannel DSD 256, the self-titled debut hit the #1 DSD Best Seller spot at NativeDSD and has been one of NativeDSD’s best-selling Jazz releases ever since. This year, the trio returned with a special guest – trumpeter JJ Kirkpatrick – to bring NativeDSD listeners a tribute to the music of Miles Davis. The album features 5 tracks composed by Miles Davis plus 3 tributes to Davis penned by Yuko Mabuchi. Whether you are listening in DSD Stereo (up to DSD 512) or DSD Multichannel (up to DSD 256), the music, performed live in concert, in a treat for any Jazz fan. Wonderful moments abound here from the trio and trumpeter Kirkpatrick seems right at home as well. What can I say? Yuko Mabuchi and her trio plus one have done it again.

Positive Feedback 5 out of 5

Yuko Mabuchi, Bobby Breton, and Del Atkins, oh my! Behind the curtain is the wonderful wizard, himself, Bob Attiyeh, and with JJ Kirkpatrick, the wicked internationally acclaimed trumpet player. Yuko Mabuchi Plays Miles Davis is just like that…much better than superb. It is historic! I listened to this concert performance over and over. It is compelling. It is lively. It is at times explosive. It is always original and filled with intensely new musical ideas from many old Miles favorites. Yuko Mabuchi plays so powerfully and rhythmically, like she owns this music, feels this music, believes this music. I could go cut by cut, but you understand if you like extraordinary jazz. This is the real deal. Del Atkins bass is extreme, melodious, and new. He nails it over and over. When he solos you hear experience and love come together in the strings and explode. This is his best-recorded performance I know of. This is Ray Brown and more. I am very, very impressed and you will be too. Bobby Breton finally cuts loose on Yarlung Records, at least the way I like it. He kicks it up and makes it happen. Finesse, power, and slam, it is all here, and great fun. This trio played at the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society Gala last December, and I sat a few feet away from them. Breton played exquisitely and rhythmically like a real pro, but here he makes the sun shine and the moon rise. What an artist and musician! JJ Kirkpatric has matured and bloomed into a world-class trumpeter. His interpretations are 100% his. It is not Miles warmed over, not for a minute. I am a fan. I listened carefully and I buy into his thoughts and personal, heartfelt techniques. This is new, modern, exciting stuff and it will win your head and heart. When you hear these musicians and new interpretations just let it happen and flow. Lean forward from your perfect listening position and lean into the recording venue. I kid you not. Textural layers have weight, authority, and drive. At a certain volume, try a bit louder or softer than usual, and the performers will pop into your listening space. The imaging is rounded and beyond precise. It is spot on mellifluous. This is Attiyeh’s best jazz recording effort to date. Van Gelder would have approved. It snuggles closely into an analog place, though it is a digital download. The warmth and weight of the instruments are so real, so right, Yuko Mabuchi Plays Miles Davis has become an audiophile jazz lover’s reference as far as I am concerned. It is audiophile gold. Yuko Mabuchi Plays Miles Davis is a winner. I declare it a reference for audiophile performance and musical entertainment. It is a must-own and necessary addition for your library of great recordings and system demonstrations. Probably the best all-around original music download I have ever acquired, period. NativeDSD.com has Single, Double, and Quad DSD versions for sale and download at their site, in both stereo and multi-channel versions. DSD lovers should go there. Get Yours!

1 review for Yuko Mabuchi Plays Miles Davis – Yarlung 15th Anniversary Edition

    I noticed this album as a best seller at NativeDSD for a long time and finally purchased it. Now I realize why.

    There is so much going on in these performances and they are all brought out in realistic detail onto a huge sound stage enabled by the high resolution DSD 256 used in this recording. This is an excellent “You are there at the performance” sounding album.

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