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Yuko Mabuchi Plays Miles Davis Vol. 1 (180g Vinyl 45rpm)

JJ Kirkpatrick, Yuko Mabuchi Trio


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Yuko Mabuchi Plays Miles Davis is a tribute to the music of legendary Jazz trumpeter Miles Davis.  It features 5 tracks written by Miles Davis plus 3 original compositions by Yuko Mabuchi.  For this special album, recorded live in concert in Stereo and Multichannel DSD 256 (and exclusively available in DSD 256 at NativeDSD Music), the Yuko Mabuchi Trio – Yuko Mabuchi (piano), Del Atkins (bass) and Bobby Breton (drums) – is joined by trumpeter JJ Kirkpatrick from the Sophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet (albums also available in DSD from NativeDSD Music).  With this line-up of musicians, it is a musical adventure you won’t want to miss.

Yuko Mabuchi’s debut recording on Yarlung, Yuko Mabuchi Trio, was a top seller in the Yarlung catalog and at the NativeDSD Music store last year. Yuko deserves this success.

Yuko Mabuchi Trio thrills audiences with every concert. Her January performance opening for Branford Marsalis in the 1,800 seat Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall whet international jazz appetites. She next headlined the Arlington Jazz Festival in Texas, and Yuko Mabuchi Trio performed in Blues Alley in April as part of the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D. C. European and Asian stages beckon.

The Absolute Sound published a rave review of her recent concert at the Segerstrom Center in Costa Mesa, CA in January 2019. Elaborating further, Rick Brown writes “Yuko Mabuchi combines sexy athleticism at the piano with serious musical poetry. The young fans in the house responded to both with great enthusiasm. So did audience members in their 70s and 80s. This was a fast up tempo set resulting in thunderous applause with audience members yelling and stamping their feet for the standing ovation at the end…. I recognized some audience members who had driven from San Francisco or flown in from Hong Kong and different parts of the country for the event…. Yuko signed CDs and LPs at intermission with the longest lines I’ve seen in years…. She returned for another hour to greet audience members and sign more after the second half of the concert. “

Yuko Mabuchi Trio with JJ Kirkpatrick
Yuko Mabuchi – Piano
Del Atkins – Bass
Bobby Breton – Drums
JJ Kirkpatrick – Trumpet

Please note that this Vol. 1 Vinyl contains these 4 tracks:

All Blues

Blue in Green

Missing Miles

Sky With No Tears


Please note that the below previews are loaded as 44.1 kHz / 16 bit.
All Blues
Blue In Green
Ikumi's Lullaby
So What
Sky With No Tears
Missing Miles

Total time: 01:01:15

Additional information











Associate Producers

Billy Mitchell & Elliot Midwood

Digital Converters

Hapi, Merging Technologies

Executive Producer

Randy Bellous

Funding Support

Randy & Linda Bellous, Toyota Motor North America, Stratton Petit Foundation, Ann Mulally, Steven A. Block, Raulee Marcus, Leslie Lassiter, Drs. Antonio & Hanna Damasio, Dr. W. Benton & Mrs. Diane Boone

Mastering Engineer

Steve Hoffman & Bob Attiyeh, DSD Mastering Engineer: Tom Caulfield

Microphone Preamps

Microphone preamplifiers by Elliot Midwood

Microphone Technician

David Bock


AKG C-12, C-24; 2 Schoeps M222 Vacuum Tube microphones


Center channel in multichannel files is supposed to be silent.


These DSD 512 releases are all pure DSD created, they stayed in the DSD domain using professional software from Signalyst. They are not up samplings, for there are no PCM or DXD conversions involved in their production. They are re-modulations of the original DSD encoding modulations. The sonic advantage to these new Stereo DSD 512 releases, as with all higher DSD bit rate releases, is the wider frequency passband prior to the onset of modulation noise. This results in the listener’s DAC using gentler and more phase linear filters for playback of the music. Processed in the NativeDSD Mastering Lab by Mastering Engineer Tom Caulfield, the resulting DSD 512 files are exclusively available at

Original Recording Format


Bob Attiyeh

Recording Engineer

Bob Attiyeh & Arian Jansen

Recording Equipment Transport

1988 and 1990 FJ62 Toyota Landcruisers

Recording Location

Brain and Creativity Institute’s Cammilleri Hall at University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, California

Recording Software

Pyramix, Merging Technologies

Recording Type & Bit Rate

Analog (Stereo Tracks), DSD 256 (Multichannel Tracks)

Sound Consultants

Brad Michel & Ricardo Ryan

Tube Microphones

Ted Ancona

Release DateMay 5, 2023


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