DSD 512 fs

NativeDSD Music created its first-ever DSD 512 Sampler album in May 2019 to coincide with one of the largest audio shows of the world – Munich High End – as content for hardware partners presenting new DACs and Players capable of DSD 512 playback. Shortly after, 6 full-length Albums were released in DSD 512. Sounds great. But..
It is not possible to record in DSD 512, so how & why are these files created?

While a re-modulation from a lower to higher bitrate contains no additional program content bandwidth, it does accomplish two benefits: a multiplier of the bit density resolution by the re-modulated bitrate ratio, and the enabling of the playback DAC’s employing a gentler reconstruction filter/algorithm in the D/A process. This is due to the greater frequency band between the top end of the music bandwidth spectrum, and the onset of the uncorrelated modulation noise. Recordings, regardless of their origin, do sound better on DACs which use Sigma-Delta modulators (the vast majority of current consumer DACs) as their conversion element. They’re less aggressive, more spacious, less “digital” sounding.

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Pure DSD

Awaken [Pure DSD] [Exclusive Early Release for All Listeners]

Yugen Trio

From Analog Tape


Hank Jones Trio

From Analog Tape

Les McCann Live At Village Vanguard 1967

Les McCann

Pentatone Exclusive

Schubert: Ländler

Pierre-Laurent Aimard