Test CD (0000)

Fontanelli, Grolnick, Vivaldi, Rossini, Traditional, Hart, Viadana, Rachmaninov

Giulio Cesare Ricci, Toolbox, I Musici, Stefano Concordia, Gaby Cole, Romano Vettori, Suzanne Husson

A truly audiophile CD, in our views, should.
a) posses the very best performance of the music of its kind;
b) be manufactured by the most meticulous and advanced process so that the integrity of the original recording is maintained. The Fonè compact discs in the “Reference Gold 24K” series, have been produced following in the strictest way the below standards: the titles in the range have been selected from the Fonè catalogue for their artistical and musical value and for the superior recording quality. And trying “to perfect the best”, are now issued on a 24K Gold support. These are more in details some of the distinctive features of the “Reference Gold”: Gold metallization
Research has revealed that among all types of metallization (e.g. aluminium, super aluminium, anodized gold-colour aluminium) 24 Karat Gold bears the most impressive specifications in terms of uniformity of metal deposition, reflectivity and the least number of visible pin holes.

Zero Bler
The word “Bler” is the short form of “Block Error Rate”. According to the “Red Book” specifications of Philips on the standard quality of production of a compact disc, a stamper that contains not more than 200 “Blers” is still within tolerance. In a ideal situation, zero Bler is the ultimate quality and can, in principle, be achievable by today’s technology. In the Fonè, “Reference Gold” range we reject any stamper that has Blers higher than 50!


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I Musici

In 1951, twelve young and promising italian musicians, mainly roman and mostly graduates of the at the Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Rome, got together "inter pares" to create a unique chamber orchestra comprising six violins, two violas, two cellos, one double bass and one harpsichord.
They chose the simple, yet nice, name I MUSICI and they deliberately decided to shape the ensemble without conductor. They did so in order to create an egalitarian relationship among the twelve colleagues and friends, which would bring to their music-making a unanimity on technical and interpretative questions. It was a very unconventional but unexpectedly suitable procedure. Notably, maestro Arturo Toscanini, on hearing them rehearsing in April 1952 at the Italian Radio studios, enthused over the young orchestra in front of journalists and musical personalities, and dedicated his photograph to the group with the words “bravi, bravissimi …no! la musica non muore”, (bravo, the music will not die).
A few weeks earlier, on the 30th of March 1952, their public debut was an enormous success at the Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Roma; it was the starting point of an astonishing career, which in a schort time catapulted them among the ranks of the great international performers.
During the course of the years, the musicians have changed, the original members of the group retired but, together with the younger talent that has taken their place, there has always been a generation of “historic” members present who guarantee the tradition and continuity of the orchestra.
At present I Musici are regular guests at the most important international festivals and they carry out an intense concert activity in prestigious theatres and concert halls such as: “G Enescu” International Festival in Bucharest, Colon Theatre in Buenos Aires, Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Centre in New York, the “Spring Festival” in Budapest, Sunthory Hall and Opera City in Tokyo, the Musikverein in Vienna, the Philharmonie in Berlin, Palau de la Musica in Barcelona, Seoul Arts Centre, Boston Symphony Hall, Shanghai Concert Hall, Beijing National centre for the Performing Arts and numerous others.


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GOLDCD064: Test CD
01:10:56   Select quality & channels above
Sono giulio cesare ricci .........
00:00:14   Select quality & channels above
Identificazione dei canali - Canale di sinistra, di destra, Centro
00:01:07   Select quality & channels above
La fase acustica - Esempio di segnale stereo in fase e in controfase
00:01:15   Select quality & channels above
Capacita di riprodurre un ampio e largo fronte sonoro DUE ESEMPI
00:06:14   Select quality & channels above
Segnale Monofonico in fase - Segnale Stereofonico in fase
00:01:34   Select quality & channels above
Stereo: Toolbox, D. Grolnick Nothing Personal - estratto
00:01:55   Select quality & channels above
Capacita di riprodurre l'impononza delle frequenze basse DUE ESEMPI
00:02:15   Select quality & channels above
Capacita di riprodurre l'impononza delle frequenze medie DUE ESEMPI
00:04:05   Select quality & channels above
Capacita di riprodurre l'impononza delle frequenze alte DUE ESEMPI
00:03:08   Select quality & channels above
Capacita di riprodurre la nettezza dei transienti DUE ESEMPI
00:03:49   Select quality & channels above
I MUSICI - Singole presentazioni - Sezioni separate - Antonio Vivaldi Concerto in Re Magg. RV 123 ?A
00:11:10   Select quality & channels above
Contrasto dinamico G. Rossini ?L?Italiana in Algeri? Sinfonia - estratto
00:13:11   Select quality & channels above
Frequenza fissa di 1.000 Hz.
00:01:52   Select quality & channels above
Naturalezza del suono, trasparenza, micro dinamica e realismo
00:00:31   Select quality & channels above
Vir Dei Benedictus - Te Deum Inno di ringraziamento
00:05:40   Select quality & channels above
Gaby Cole The lady is a tramp
00:01:56   Select quality & channels above
Lodovico Viadana ?Vespri di San Luca? - Ant. Tradent enim vos
00:02:40   Select quality & channels above
Suzanne Husson- ?Piano - S. Rachmaninov Elegia No.1 Op.3
00:04:49   Select quality & channels above
Corni da nebbia
00:03:31   Select quality & channels above

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