NativeDSD Plus (yearly)

79,00 / year

• Special Member Pricing on all Albums
• Access all lower DSD resolutions
• See all benefits below

When purchasing NativeDSD Plus, we advise you to not have any albums in the cart during checkout. Place the music order after completing the subscription purchase, to benefit from the lower rates, and the discount.

We also offer a Monthly Subscription to NativeDSD Plus Membership, go here.

Special Member Pricing on all Albums

NativeDSD Plus members get special member pricing on all music* available at NativeDSD. Any other specials that we run are calculated during checkout, on top of special member pricing. You will get discounts up to 50% on a variety of DSD Albums, every week!

Access all lower DSD resolutions

A NativeDSD Plus Membership grants full access to any lower DSD Rate(s) as well as Flac 96 and Flac 192* when purchasing DSD products. Example: You purchase a DSD 256 album, and you will get the DSD 128 and DSD 64 and Flac 96 and 192** versions available as well.

All NativeDSD Plus Membership Benefits

  • Play the compatible DSD rate on different audio setups (DAC’s) across your listening locations and devices.
  • Always have the correct DSD rate for the DAC you are using, for best playback results.
  • Use the Flac files to burn a CD or take music on the road with a portable player.
  • Invest in the highest rate available today while playing the lower rates now until you perhaps upgrade your DAC.
  • Special Plus Member Pricing on our products. (see more examples below)
  • Exclusive access to pre-releases.


Special Pricing Display

Plus members get 15% off all Flac, DXD and DSD products, see an example below how this is presented on an album page.

Subscription Details

  • The subscription gives you access to the DSD rates below the selected rate in addition to the selected rate at the time of order. Please note that it does not add lower rates for any previous orders. If you need additional rates for previous orders, you may submit an order request here.
  • Download links to the lower rates will become available for any orders placed while actively subscribed to NativeDSD Plus.
  • NativeDSD Plus is automatically extended after one year.
  • A NativeDSD Plus Subscription costs 79 Euro or equivalent currency, charged yearly to a credit card or via SEPA.
  • Any subscription discounts may only be valid for the first term.
  • Renewal can be cancelled at any time before the renewal date in your account.
  • Other Terms & Conditions apply.
  • Yearly fee may fluctuate for orders which are not placed in Euro, depending on the exchange rate.
  • Subscription price may adjust slightly to cover everyone’s rising costs. We will communicate via email if this happens.

Please note that this subscription does not add lower rates for any orders placed previously. Contact us for a quote.
If you need additional rates for a completed order, you may submit an additional resolution request here.

*Tapes, Vinyl and other physical products may be excluded from Member pricing
**Not all products have FLAC files available