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Album of the Week (-25%)

Discount applied during checkout. We keep the previous week’s AOTW discount available as well.

Sono Luminus Special (-20% off entire catalog!)

In honor of their new release The Year That Never Was, NativeDSD Listeners can receive 20% off* the complete Sono Luminus catalog. The sale includes all 63 of their DSD albums!

*Special pricing ends on July 1st, end of day. The discount is applied automatically at checkout. You may view their complete catalog here.

Bundles (up to 50% off)

NativeDSD Bundles are a mini collection of DSD albums created by the NativeDSD team that brings the works of a special artist, music label or musical genre to your personal library. Better yet, when you buy all albums in a bundle, NativeDSD gives you a special 25-50% OFF discounted price on the full bundle. Expanding your musical horizons and collection while saving money at the same time. See all bundles here.