Rimsky-Korsakov: Shéhérazade - Noseda (Version #2) (2019)


Gianandrea Noseda, Filarmonica Teatro Regio Torino

Gianandrea Noseda

This release (cat.no. SACD193) is the exact same same orchestra, same conductor, same interpretation and same location as the originally released version. The difference is that in the previous version (SACD148) the recording has been made with three couples of valve microphones, all ancient and original Neumann U47, U48 and M49. This special edition has been made with only two microphones Neumann U47, capturing more acoustics of the theatre. 

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Giulio Cesare Ricci tells us: 

"In the original release I had two native masters made at the same time: one master is analogue (with which I made the Vinyl) and the other master is digital DSD 64. While for this special edition, the native recording is analogue made with the AMPEX ATR 102  1/2 inch  76 cm/sec analogue editing. The analogue master was transferred direct-to-DSD 64."

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Gianandrea Noseda

Gianandrea Noseda is widely recognized as one of the leading conductors of his genera­tion. He is Musical America’s 2015 Conductor of the Year.

Gianandrea Noseda’s appointment as Music Director of the Teatro Regio Torino in 2007 ushered in a transformative era for the company: his initiatives have propelled the Teatro Regio Torino onto the global stage, where it has become one of Italy’s most important cultural exports. Under his leadership the Teatro Regio Torino has launched its first tours outside of Torino with performances in Austria, China, France, Germany, Japan and Russia. In August 2014 Gianandrea Noseda brought the Teatro Regio Torino to the Edinburgh Festival for its United Kingdom debut. In December 2014 he also led the Teatro Regio Torino in a historic first, and critically acclaimed, tour of North America with concert per­formances of William Tell in Chicago (Harris Theater), Toronto (Roy Thomson Hall), New York (Carnegie Hall) and Ann Arbor, Michigan (University Musical Society).

Gianandrea Noseda is Principal Guest Conductor of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra since 2011, he has performed with the orchestra in Israel and has led a successful seven cities tour in the US in spring 2014. He is also Principal Conductor of the Orquestra de Cadaqués and Artistic Director of the Stresa Festival (Italy). He was at the helm of the BBC Philharmonic from 2002 to 2011. In 1997 he was appointed the first foreign Princi­pal Guest Conductor of the Mariinsky Theatre, a position he held for a decade.

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SACD193: Rimsky-Korsakov: Shéhérazade - Noseda (Version #2)
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Largo e maestoso - Lento - Allegro non troppo - Tranquillo
00:09:53   N/A
Lento - Andantino - Allegro Molto - Molto Moderato - Vivace scherzando - Moderato Assai - Allegro mo
00:11:49   N/A
Andantino quasi allegretto
00:09:54   N/A
Allegro molto - Allegro molto e frenetico - Vivo - Allegro non troppo e maestoso
00:12:52   N/A

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