Pablo de Sarasate, Spanish Dances for Violin and Piano (2020)

De Sarasate

Salvatore Accardo

This album was recorded in the Sala dell'Ermellino - Casa della Musica in Milano in November 2019. For this prestigious recording Giulio Cesare Ricci used the legendary original tube microphones Neumann U47, U48. Recordings are in Stereo DSD on Pyramix using the dCS A/D and D/A converters. A state-of-the-art system without any sound manipulation, neither equalization, nor reverberation, nor compression and expansion...but natural sound with true timbre to best enhance the acoustics of the Sala dell'Ermellino.

The mastering has been relalized by Giulio Cesare Ricci using the Signoricci system, entirely analog and tube The result of this recording is fantastic.

With this recording Giulio Cesare Ricci wanted to make the listener live a unique experience. It is as if the listener was sitting on an armchair positioned in the ideal point of the Sala dell'Ermellino. In this position the sound has a field effect and its depth, width and height are very appreciable. Great dynamics but also great precision of the solo parts. It's an album not to be missed!

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Salvatore Accardo

Salvatore Accardo; born September 26, 1941 in Turin, northern Italy) is an Italian violin virtuoso and conductor.Accardo studied violin in the southern Italian city of Naples in the 1950s. He gave his first professional recital at the age of 13 performing Paganini's Capricci. In 1956 Accardo won the Geneva Competition and in 1958 became the first prize winner of the Paganini Competition in Genoa.
He has recorded Paganini's 24 Caprices (re-recorded in 1999) for solo violin and was the first to record all six of the Paganini Violin Concertos. He has an extensive discography of almost 50 recordings on Philips, DG, EMI, Sony Classical, Foné, Dynamic, and Warner-Fonit. Notably, he has recorded an album of classical and contemporary works in 1995 on Paganini's Guarneri del Gesù 1742 violin, the "Canon".
Accardo founded the Accardo Quartet in 1992 and he was one of the founders of the Walter Stauffer Academy in 1986. He founded the Settimane Musicali Internazionali in Naples and the Cremona String Festival in 1971, and in 1996, he re-founded the Orchestra da Camera Italiana (O.C.I.), whose members are the best pupils of the Walter Stauffer Academy. He performed the music of Paganini for the soundtrack of the 1989 film Kinski Paganini. In the 1970s he was a member of the celebrated Italian chamber orchestra "I Musici".
Accardo owns one Stradivarius violin, the "Hart ex Francescatti" (1727) and had the "Firebird ex Saint-Exupéry" (1718).



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SACD218: Pablo de Sarasate, Spanish Dances for Violin and Piano
01:15:56   Select quality & channels above
Malaguena Op.21 No.1
De Sarasate
00:05:21   N/A
Habanera Op.21 No.2
De Sarasate
00:05:01   N/A
Romanza Andaluza Op.22 No.1
De Sarasate
00:05:35   N/A
Jota Navarra Op.22 No.2
De Sarasate
00:05:42   N/A
Playera Op.23 No.1
De Sarasate
00:05:07   N/A
Zapateado Op.23 No.2
De Sarasate
00:04:13   N/A
Spanische Tanze Op.26 No.1
De Sarasate
00:07:12   N/A
Spanische Tanze Op.26 No.2
De Sarasate
00:06:15   N/A
Serenata Andaluza Op.28
De Sarasate
00:07:08   N/A
Dance Espagnole Op.37 (Adios Montanas Mias)
De Sarasate
00:03:10   N/A
Jota Aragonesa Op.27
De Sarasate
00:06:09   N/A
Caprice Basque
De Sarasate
00:07:42   N/A
Navarra Op.33 Duo pour deux Violons
De Sarasate
00:07:21   N/A

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