Tears Of Joy (2019)


Ikumi Ogasawara

DSD 512 Exclusive

Tears of Joy is the first solo album from pianist Ikumi Ogasawara. It includes 10 of her most popular original compositions.  Listening to the album, you will discover why she is a highly regarded melody maker.

This album was originally recorded in Stereo at DXD 384kHz and is made available to our listeners at that DXD bit rate (24 bit, 384 kHz) in the Native DSD Music store (rather than the more traditional DXD 24 bit, 352.8kHz format).

"Tears of Joy puts the voiceless voices of my inner-soul onto melodies with my piano.  In this album, I rearranged some of my favorite compositions into piano tunes. Each tune reflects the images and messages of my inner-soul.

I created these melodies with the piano, my best friend from my childhood. With her, I can freely express my sincere feelings in the most honest way.

Today’s world is full of uncertainty and anxiety. We all have to face them and live on. But stop a while and take a look around. Beyond daily hustles and challenges, you will see the world, full of wonders and beautiful sceneries. They heal our souls and inspire our hopes for the future.

It is my pleasure, if the music of my inner images can help inspire you and give a bit of courage to take a step forward and move on."

Ikumi Ogasawara
February 2019

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Ikumi Ogasawara

Ikumi Ogasawara is a well-known pianist, arranger, and composer based in Japan. She composed the NHK Evening News opening theme and many others. Her music is featured on numerous TV shows and commercials.

Ikumi performs at concerts playing music for parents, children and the whole family. She also conducts concerts, lectures and music events all over Japan.


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Tears Of Joy (2019)


Ikumi Ogasawara

Editing Software: Pyramix, Merging Technologies
Mastering Engineer: Kengo Nishimoto (DXD 384 kHz), Tom Caulfield (DSD 512, DSD 256, DSD 128, DSD 64)
Mastering Room: DSD files were created from the DXD 384 kHz master by Tom Caulfield at the NativeDSD Mastering Lab using Jussi Laako's latest EC modulators from Signalyst
Microphones: Neumann M-149, M-150

A total of 10 microphones were used for this recording. I used Neumann M-150 as the main microphones. The microphones were set at a distance of 3m from the piano and 4m in height. I felt that these microphones captured the color of music the most.

However, I can not capture the pop-like feeling of Ikumi's music only by M-150s, so I used a microphone placed near the piano. The big microphone at the beginning of the video is the Neumann M-149. All of the Neumann mics have been remodeled with internal wiring and power supplies to get a clear, linear sound.

The sound of each of the 10 microphones is adjusted by the application called Sequoia, which adjusts the time difference, level, sound quality and noise removal.  The DXD 384 kHz master was created by the Merging Technologies Pyramix software.

It is very important to adjust the time difference of recordings that use multiple microphones. If you leave the time difference, the sound will become muddy and it will not be transparent. I thought about mastering on Sequoia, but I used Pyramix because the sound of playing the file on Pyramix has increased the sense of three-dimensionality and transparency.

Kengo Nishimoto, Recording and Mastering Engineer

Producer: Kengo Nishimoto
Recording Engineer: Kengo Nishimoto
Recording Software: Pyramix, Merging Technologies
Recording Type & Bit Rate: DXD (384 kHz)

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VVDHR005: Tears Of Joy
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On The Way
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Tears Of Joy
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For Better Morning
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Cherry Petals Dance (Nihon No Chikara)
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Thanks, Thanks
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Whale Lullaby
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