Impromptu (2014)

Ralph Rainger / Leo Robin, Tony Overwater, Miles Davis, Jule Styne / Sammy Cahn, Victor Young / Ned Washington

Bert van den Brink, Tony Overwater

Harry and Michel, our good friends and advisors from the High End audio shop ''Rhapsody" in Hilversum, were celebrating the shop's 25th anniversary. They invited master bassist Tony Overwater and pianist extraordinaire Bert van den Brink to come and play a concert in the listening room of the shop. The room was filled to the brim with audio enthusiasts, the closest listener being just a few feet from the musicians and the microphones.

When the audience is so close to the musicians, a synergy occurs. The audience becomes part of the music making and help spur the musicians on to great heights. The musicians feeling the empathy from the audience dare to take chances that one rarely hears in a studio recording. Tony and Bert had not performed together as a duo before, and no rehearsal had taken place prior to the Rhapsody concert, but the music these two masters of improvisation created that sunny afternoon in Rhapsody, is simply breathtaking.

The recording conditions were not ideal. The doors in the back of the room were opened several times by people trying to squeeze in, making the sound from the espresso machine in the hall and the DJ playing ambient music in the garden faintly audible at the beginning of each set. Later halfway through the concert the windows of the room had to be opened for air. The DJ turned off his music but he was immediately replaced by the sound of birds singing. If listening closely one can hear them, chime in, in the quiet parts.

These outside factors contributed to the unique atmosphere of this recording and that is yet another reason why; Impromptu (a musical composition prompted by the spirit of the moment) is such an apt title.

Frans de Rond

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Tony Overwater

Tony Overwater is an award winning bass player whose sound and unique way of playing have established him as a key player in the European Jazz world. He is a remarkable solo performer and leader of his own projects but also a collaborative and attentive sideman. Tony plays a wide variety of musical styles, and is particularly known for his pioneering work with Arab music with Rima Khcheich. Besides composing for the bands he leads and works with, Tony writes for modern dance, documentaries, movies and children's music.

In 1989,Tony graduated cum laude from the Royal Conservatory of the Hague and received the Podium Prize for most promising Dutch Jazz Musician. This year also saw him invited to tour and record with Sunny and David Murray. Shortly after this, he joined the Yuri Honing Trio which, over the years, has established itself as one of Holland’s leading groups touring regularly in Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East. His own band, The Tony Overwater Trio, received an Edison for Best Dutch Recording of 2001 for their CD ‘OP’ and his first children’s album, ‘Kikker Swingt!’, went Gold in 2008. His trio performed with Calefax Reed Quintet on the Ellington Suites. Tony is musical director of the group of Rima Khcheich in Lebanon. Throughout his career, Tony has worked with a variety of acclaimed musicians; David Liebman,Ack van Rooyen, Misha Mengelberg, Paolo Fresu, Sylvie Courvoisier, Gilbert Paeffgen, Dave Burrell . He continues to collaborate as both leader and sideman with many other musicians including Jess Abrams, Karin Hammar, Marc van Roon and Lotte van Dijck.

Bert van den Brink

Bert van den Brink was born on the 24th. of july 1958. Bert studied classical piano at the conservatory of Utrecht. (The Netherlands) with piano legend Herman Uhlhorn . He graduated cum laude in 1982. In that same year he was employed at the Utrechts' conservatory to teach jazz piano. In 2007 Bert van den Brink was awarded the VPRO/BOY EDGAR-AWARD, the most prestigious award for jazz music in the Netherlands. Bert has recorded and performed with the absolute top of the international music scene; Gino Vannelli ,Richard Bona ,Toots Thielemans, Chet Baker, Nat Adderley, Benny Golson, Lee Konitz, Rick Margitza, Philip Catherine, Jesse van Ruller, Clare Fischer, Enrico Pieranunzi, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Denise name a few. His compositions and arrangements has been performed by the Metropole orchestra, the Dutch Wood winds Ensemble, Denise Jannah, the Houdini's and new Sinfonietta Amsterdam.

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Impromptu (2014)

Ralph Rainger / Leo Robin, Tony Overwater, Miles Davis, Jule Styne / Sammy Cahn, Victor Young / Ned Washington

Bert van den Brink, Tony Overwater

Cables: Grimm Audio TPR
Digital Converters: TASCAM DA-3000
Mastering Engineer: Frans de Rond
Mastering Equipment: Grimm Audio LS1

Piano: Neumann TLM 170 (2x)
Bass: JZ V67
Room mic's: Sonodore RCM-402 (2x)


Recording Engineer: Frans de Rond
Recording location: Rhapsody, Hilversum Holland
Recording Software: Merging
Recording Type & Bit Rate: DSD64

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SL1010A: Impromptu
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If I should lose you
Ralph Rainger / Leo Robin
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Rhapsody Blues
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De boot
Tony Overwater
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Miles Davis
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I fall in love too easily
Jule Styne / Sammy Cahn
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My foolish heart
Victor Young / Ned Washington
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