Amsterdam Bridge Ensemble

The Amsterdam Bridge Ensemble is an ensemble of seasoned musicians sharing a passion for chamber music. In its basic form the ensemble constitutes a piano quartet; however, its programmes incorporate every conceivable duo and trio combination. For instance, the musicians also perform concerts as a piano trio or string trio.
The musicians of the Amsterdam Bridge Ensemble have become highly attuned to each other through years of intensive collaboration, as reflected in their cohesive style of playing. Previously, they also played together in the Leo Smit Ensemble, recording all the chamber music works of Leo Smit and Nico Richter and discovering many other unique compositions dating from the interwar period. They also first encountered Hendrik Andriessen’s superb chamber music at the time.
The ensemble’s string players have developed a wholly unique playing culture. Their diverse backgrounds and individual association with groups such as the Asko Ensemble, Musica ad Rhenum and Amsterdam Sinfonietta add to the fresh insight they bring to their playing style and broad choice of repertoire.

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