Cantus’s goal is to perform vocal music at a high artistic level. Equally important is the desire to move an audience, and to give listeners a “wow experience”. The choir’s way of achieving this is to explore new musical paths and new directions in the world of song and sound; innovative music-making is its trademark. The choir is determined to retain this individuality.

The quality and scope of the choir’s repertoire is the result of careful planning over many years. A special commitment has been to foster the writing of new music for female choirs, with the result that Cantus has been able to set its own stamp on some of the music currently being written. The singers relish new challenges, whether in the form of single works or of complete projects. Their motivation and inspiration are also stimulated by taking part in competitions for choirs and by collaboration with other artists, both local and international. All these activities cultivate the artistic development of the choir as a unit, and of the singers as individuals.

Thanks to the level of its ambitions and the quality of its working methods, Cantus has been an inspiration both to composers and to other choirs, and today it is regarded as an ambassador for contemporary music. Cantus is especially noted for its utilization of the whole register of the female voice, from the deepest alto to the highest soprano. The choir is ready to work with different experts and instructors in a variety of fields, such as conducting, song, drama, dance and sport. The sheer optimism and work-rate of Cantus have certainly played a part in winning it recognition as one of the world’s leading female choirs. This is a choir that brings
enthusiasm, camaraderie, a sense of humor and tremendous warmth to its musical ambitions.


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