Carmen Gomes Inc.

Carmen Gomes Inc. is a Soul-Jazz band with a Bluesy touch.  Their music revolves around four musicians who seek a perfect blend of individual expression and harmonious interplay. Music that is made by four people who understand that in the end only one is the boss. And that’s the song.

In 2006, the group reinvented itself with the arrival of guitarist Folker Tettero. His bluesy sound provides just the bit of weight Gomes needs to be able to lean on his chords and riffs. That gives bassist Peter Bjørnild and drummer Bert Kamsteeg in turn more freedom, so they challenge Gomes musically to go to the limit. And you notice that. Her voice, trained at the conservatory, can groan, growl and play. She makes her songs personal and sincere, but at the same time challenging and compelling, full of passion and energy.

A performance by Carmen Gomes Inc. is an exploration in music. Because the members of the quartet know better than anyone that no two versions of a song can ever be the same and because it might be just that exploration. Whether they play jazz, blues, soulful or with funk influences, the foursome discovered a long time ago that these small variations ensure that music never gets bored and that every night it is a challenge to play.

photo: from artist’s website

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