Norwegian Girls Choir (Det Norske Jentekor)

The Norwegian Girls Choir is a choir with proud traditions. The choir is composed of singers from the Oslo area, admitted through auditions. It is an independent continuation of The Norwegian Broadcasting Company’s Girls Choir, established in 1947.

The choir has an important place in Norwegian cultural life, and it has fostered a number of well-known singers, musicians and artists. The choir’s ambition is to be a choir school that helps the singers to develop into independent musicians and artists, and to create a musical expressiveness that involves not only the singers themselves but also audiences. In this environment the choir members’ understanding of music grows and their interest in music deepens – giving them the grounding they need to perform at a high professional level.

The Norwegian Girls Choir consists of four choirs, spanning the ages 6-24: the Recruit Choir, the Aspirant Choir, the Main Choir and the Studio Choir. This album features the Studio Choir.

Some of Norway’s foremost composers write new music for the choir, and these works have led to the choir being invited to festivals such as the Reverb Festival in London, the Olavfestdagene in Trondheim, the Bergen International Festival and the Oslo Chamber Music Festival. Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mette-Marit is the choir’s official patron.

photo: from booklet 2L144

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