Dionne Bennett

Dionne Bennett is a British/West-Indian singer-songwriter, producer, and radio personality. She started singing and performing live at age 14 and released her first soul single by the time she was 15. Dionne is internationally known for her unique and diverse vocal style that covers all Afro-culture influenced genres from blues, jazz to rhythm & blues, soul, reggae, drum bass funk, rock & roll, and beyond. During her career she has performed throughout Europe, and has shared the stage with music legends such as Dr. John and Maceo Parker. She has also opened up for the British supergroup Oasis as one of the vocalists of the ’The Peth’ fronted by Welsh actor, producer, and singer Rhys Ifans.

Dionne Bennett is an exceptional and universal talent which shows on the variety of genres she has blessed with her golden voice. She has released singles with renowned jazz pianist, Jason Rebello, Grammy award winner saxophonist, Tim Garland, and rock bands such as Super Furry Animals and „The Earth”.

Dionne also starred as a ‘Bluette’ in The official Blues Brothers Musical. She gained the part after beating thousands of singers and toured successfully throughout Britain and Europe for 18 months. Dionne has recently started working for a sync music company ’Sonic Culture’ based in the USA and regularly writes toplines for TV programs and adverts. She is also a vocal and performance university lecturer, who coaches the next generation of up-and-coming singers on the music scene and at degree level. Dionne hosts and produces her very own music show ‘The Suga Shack’ for local radio station, Radio Cardiff, UK . On the program she spins an eclectic mix of black music genres. She is the chair of grassroots music organization ‘Ladies of Rage’. This network was setup to support women in electronic music genres in Wales and has been highly successful in highlighting the imbalances of the industry when it comes to women in music and providing support and advocating for 50/50 line up and the inclusion of women when programming for gigs and events. Dionne also chairs the Diversity Advisory Group ant the Royal College of Music Drama, helping to ensure that incision of black music and black artists within the curriculum and the college itself.

Dionne has pursued her dreams even after suffering an acute asthma attack where she was put into a coma and lost the ability to speak and sing due to a tracheotomy procedure, as well taking time out of the scene to raise her son.

Her love and desire to sing and perform has never been lost and she continues to work, play, and perform and release new music.

Her official debut album ’Sugar Hip Ya Ya’ is produced by USA Blues Music Award nominee, Two Times Blues Blast Music Awards nominee, 2013 International Blues Challenge winner Little G Weevil. The record is released through Hunnia Records.

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