Duo Improbabile

Duo Improbabile is Virginia Guastella (piano) and Claudio Trotta (drums). Virginia Guastella has been playing and writing for 25 years now. She is 29. Claudio Trotta has been playing for 30 years now. He is 43. She is a pianist and composer. He is a drummer and producer of ideas.

In May 2007 they decide to play together, and to call themselves “Duo Improbabile” (Improbable Duo). Why “Improbable”? It is unusual for two musicians from worlds apart to have something in common. For all this to generate artistic results is even more unusual. The combination and the heterogeneous professional experiences are fertile ground for a strong aesthetical empathy. Duo Improbable is a project – a laboratory – that transfigures all different backgrounds (classical, rock, jazz, and fusion, modern and contemporary) through the virtuoso playing of the players, while Virginia Guastella’s pencil absorbed and generated new ideas, giving them the appropriate musical shapes.

Photo: from their website

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