Eddie Graham Trio

Ever since I was a kid I’ve always been interested in sound. I guess I was an audiophile before such a term existed. When I met David and Sheryl Lee Wilson, I recognized in them this same quest for sonic perfection. After hearing their recordings I experienced the high degree of audio excellence they could achieve. I was excited about the prospects of capturing the energy and excitement of my own group with such startling realism.

I met Jane Jarvis at the Cocoa Beach Jazz Festival in Florida and immediately established an empathetic musical rapport. She plays with an energy and imagination that belies her 18 years as a Muzak producer and inspires my own playing. We think alike and both of us have a lot of suppressed creativity, Jane from 16 years as an organist for the Mets baseball team and myself from years of Las Vegas shows and other people’s musical styles.

In Jim DeJulio, we found the perfect complement, both assertive and supportive and, above all, talented. We met in Palm Springs, California, again a seredipitous meeting. Jim is mainly a West Coast player spending much of his time in the studios of Los Angeles. You have heard him on soundtracks for Dynasty, Love Boat, and T.J. Hooker. Here, he is himself, and with Jane (a New Yorker) and myself (raised in the South), we have truly a bi(tri) coastal group whose style emanates from the joy of playing.

So, here we are, saying what we think, playing what we feel, and deeply grateful to Wilson Audio for letting us express it so clearly. I hope you feel what we felt.



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Eddie Graham Trio