Esther Apituley

Esther Apituley was born in Amsterdam. At twelve years old she started on the violin and soon after she switched to the viola. 

Esther Apituley has performed as a soloist with the National Ballet Orchestra, North Holland Philarmonisch, Metropole Orchestra and the Radio Chamber Orchestra. She performed the viola concerts of Berlioz, Bartok and Meijering, symphony concert of Mozart and Britten Lachrymae. In summer 2007 and 2008 she gave concerts and master class in Brazil at the International Music Festival in Campos do Jordao. 

Esther Apituley has a very unique way of performing. With the Amsterdam Viola Quartet she breaks the traditional atmosphere by means of a quartet repertoire that is very diverse; baroque, classical, modern to close harmony. 

In 2009, Esther Apituley was appointed Artistic Director of the Viola Viola Foundation. Viola Viola is committed to the promotion of the viola and for the warm creation of new audiences.

Photo: chrisvanhouts

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