Human 2.0

Human 2.0 is a progressive art-rock band from Rotterdam. The band consists of vocalist/pianist Robin Coops, guitarist/sound artist Eric Magnée, bass player Bernardo D’Addario and drummer Robin Eggers. Together we focus on creating an experience where music and narrative seamlessly intertwine. With our debut album, we want to take the listener on a journey through time, zooming in on the technical innovations that are being made within our society. A continuous and ever changing process that is relevant to our contemporary lives. Think about how our lives changed with the arrival of the internet and how dependent we are of it today. These kinds of technological innovations are of great influence on our way of life and how we communicate with each other. What kind of effect does it have on a human being living in a world where everyone is always online and chained to a screen? Will it still be possible to distinguish the virtual world from the real one in the future? How much freedom of choice will we have, when machines become more intelligent and make all the decisions for us? How will we communicate with this new form of intelligence? And how will all of this influence our ideals and ambitions?

photo: from label website TRPTK

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