Kjell Tore Innervik

Kjell Tore Innervik, percussionist from Narvik in Arctic Norway, graduated in 2004 from the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo with a Diploma in Solo Percussion, and has since explored music, performance and music making in an ever deeper search for the performer within himself. During a three-year fellowship at the Norwegian Academy of Music, he commissioned music for his artistic research project Quartertonamarimba. He continued at the Academy with a four-year post-doctorate exploring sound, extended percussion instruments, interfaces and electronics through improvisation, and co-creating music in close collaboration with composers. Innervik has also given the world premiere of numerous works for percussion.

Innervik has said that he was drawn to an interest in the roots of musicianship and to an exploration of the field of interpretation. “I wanted to put our interpretation of modern classics in a wider perspective,” he says, “and to give my own shake-up to the tradition. This meant I had to be ready to take risks, and to work hard at my craft. One of the paths I took was into the music of Xenakis and Feldmann, and a sample of the results can be heard on this album. I say ‘a sample’ because I devoted approximately a thousand hours to each piece, with preparations, careful thought, explorations, continual testing, rehearsing, re-thinking, more rehearsing: all in all, constantly searching further and further until I felt I was free to give a voice – a sound – to my choices, and to physically perform them into audible expressions.”

photo: from booklet 2L141

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