Lynx Flute Ensemble

From classical works to original compositions, pop and Japanese music, Lynx Flute Ensemble keeps expressing the beauty of music beyond the genre frame. Lynx was formed in 1997 while its four members – Ritsuko Kori (Flute & Piccolo), Mami Sato (Flute & Alto Flute), Tomoko Koike (Flute) and Maiko Matsuzaki (Flute & Bass Flute) – were studying at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. 
Performing a varied repertoire using four kinds of flutes (piccolo, flute, alto flute, bass flute) has led to the ensemble’s popularity. Lynx has enjoyed a wide range of activities including not only concerts in Japan and abroad, television appearances, radio programs and magazine coverage. 
Lynx made successful tours in Europe for 4 consecutive years and made their musical performances a classic of what is possible with a flute ensemble. Since 2008, Lynx has held the “Lynx Challenge” every year to pursue further the possibilities and enjoyment of flute ensemble music. 
Over the years, the members of Lynx have shared the same times, lived in the same era, including marriage and childbirth. And it is a rare group that promises to refine the ensemble throughout their lifetime. Today, Lynx is developing new projects incorporating illustrations and recitation, aiming for performing music that can be enjoyed regardless of age.

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