Traditions run deep within the soul of award-winning vocalist Tawanda Suessbrich-Joaquim and there is no greater gift than seeing her sing her story in full flight.

A vibrant mix of cultural heritages that underpin her every move, Tawanda was raised in the deep south of New Mexico on the border with Texas. She is proudly a first generation American with a mother from Germany and a father from Mozambique.

That fusion of intoxicating backgrounds gave her access to music that many do not experience and which will forever stay in her heart. Family gatherings would feature music from Cuba, the South Pacific Islands, the Middle East and France with groups like the Gypsy Kings and Te Vaka providing a constant undercurrent to her early life.

Tawanda delves deep into the worldwide Jazz scene and explores the multi-genre fusion that can be found in its paradise of riches. That desire to respect not only her peers but the origins of her name which translates as ‘we are more’ in a Bantu dialect called Shona, has embedded a deep-rooted desire within her to give back to those around her.

There is no better affirmation of that talent than winning the prestigious 2020 Sarah Vaughan Vocal Jazz competition. An accolade previously conferred on artists such as Cyrille Aimée, Jazzmeia Horn, and Samara Joy McClendon, there is no better demonstration that all her hard work is paying off.

Now based in Los Angeles and with a whole host of performances that have enthralled audiences everywhere, Tawanda Suessbrich-Joaquim is set to soar on the wings of success.

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