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Experience the rich and luxurious sound of recorded music!

Treat yourself to the complimentary NativeDSD Starter Pack, available in DSD 64. Thanks to the generous participation of labels, this exclusive offer comes with a detailed track listing in the accompanying booklet.

Download your indulgent musical experience today.

The Tracks on the DSD Starter Pack are available in various DSD rates: DSD 64, DSD 128, DSD 256, and DSD 512. As well as high resolution audio FLAC 96 and FLAC 192. Choose the rate & channel structure that is compatible with your playback setup. More help in choosing the right channels and quality.

This Starter Pack is free of charge in DSD 64, with many thanks to the participating labels! You can find the detailed track listing in this booklet.

* Free of charge in: Stereo FLAC 96, FLAC 192, DSD 64. Multichannel FLAC 96, FLAC 192, and DSD 64. Other rates (DSD 128, 256 and DSD 512) are subject to a small fee, as a contribution to the server’s transfer costs of these very large files.


  1. Add your desired resolution & channel structure to the cart
  2. Checkout & Start your Download by using our Download Manager.

Get ready

After downloading using our app, move audio-files to yout music player and hit play!

If you downloaded directly from the browser, you have to unzip the .zip file. For tips on un-zipping, see this article.


  1. Use a player that can accept the .dsf file format
  2. Add the downloaded files to the player/ server
  3. Make sure your output is set to the DSD capable DAC you use
  4. Sit back and enjoy!

More help on getting started is found in this Help Article on Getting Started, or scroll down.

Like What You Hear?

You can purchase the full albums from which the tracks on the “Starter Pack” originate in Stereo (2ch) DSD and Multichannel (5ch) DSD as well, up to Multichannel DSD 256 and Stereo DSD 512. The full albums are listed here:

Check your DAC

All DSD-capable units can accept DSD 64, but not all can accept DSD 128 or higher. Please check which rates your DAC can handle before placing your purchase.

Ask a question

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