The Native team 

C. Jared Sacks - Managing Director
Jonas C. Sacks - Technical Director

Floor van der Holst - Marketing Manager
Franklin van Liempt - Interim Marketing Manager
Tom Caulfield - Mastering Engineer
Ted Brady - Technical Advisor
Brian Moura - Technical Advisor
Marian Sluiskes - Sales
Sjoerd Staal - Lead developer

Frequent contributions come from Bill Dodd in the blog.

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  • won the Writer's Choice and Brutus Awards from Positive Feedback Online in 2014
  • won the Writer's Choice and Brutus Awards from Positive Feedback Online in 2015 for the website & the album 8 ensembles in 1 bit


Founded: April 2013
Launched: January 2014
Hosting: Amazon Web Services

Additional Programming: Dylan Velthuis


About us

If you are tired of listening to compressed audio and your desire is to instead play uncompressed, original recording quality sound, this is your one stop shop. You will find detail in the music you were never able to hear before.


Real 64fs, 128fs & 256fs DSD & DXD masters

Native DSD was founded Early 2014 by Jared Sacks (Channel Classics Records founder and recording enigneer) and his son Jonas (webdesigner and filmmaker). Starting out with just the Channel Classics Records catalogue of about 170 albums, their goal was to create a central place where highest resolution music fans could go to find the best quality recordings in the world in both Stereo and Multichannel, directly from labels recording in DSD and/or DXD.

A big part of that vision was to make music as Direct Stream Digital (DSD) downloads available to listeners anywhere in the world. This included obtaining DSD Edit Masters and Analog Master Tapes that could be transferred to DSD, bringing you, the listener, as close to the original performance as possible.

Acoustic recorded music

In the last year, Native DSD has seen tremendous growth. Today offering 1000+ albums from 45+ labels - ALL and ONLY available in DSD (and sometimes DXD). More and more record labels are joining this platform store as DSD is becoming the go-to format for acoustic recorded music.

Jared Sacks - Founding Channel Classics Records
(Jared Sacks, founding Channel Classics Records in 1990)

"As a professional musician, when I became a classical music label owner, it was my passion to not only bring great music to our listeners, but also to transfer the emotion of that music’s creation. I found that recording in DSD best met that need, and it is why we started this platform."

- C. Jared. Sacks

We welcome you to try some of the testfiles in the member area, and give us your feedback. Many people have also written in the testimonial section about their own findings. Please make sure to subscribe to our newsletter too! You can do this in the footer. In addition to the Native DSD website and newsletter, we also have a Twitter and Facebook account that we invite you to follow to get updates about music and hardware in the DSD field of sound. 

Cheers to your ears!

The NativeDSD team

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