Footprint Records

Footprint Records is a Swedish record label dedicated to acoustic art music, including orchestra, chamber, choral, jazz, improv, and world music. Footprint’s Chief Engineer and Producer is Per Sjösten.  Per has a PhD in Acoustics, and is a researcher and educator in room acoustics and electroacoustics.  He has been an active member of the musical community in Sweden since the early 1980’s. Per is also the Vice President of the Audio Engineering Society, Northern Region, Europe.  His term runs at the AES runs until December 31, 2020.

At Footprint Records, our philosophy is to make the best possible musical productions – from both a musical and technical perspective.  These recordings are aimed at reproducing music in the home environment.

In our opinion, to accomplish this with an ensemble with their favorite placement in an acoustic environment, typically requires multichannel recordings. To date, we have produced around 110 albums, but only the most recent ones are available in DSD. More albums are coming in DSD.

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