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Impex Records is known throughout the world for the meticulous production of audiophile reissues. That sound – the brilliant, vivid fidelity – and the euphoric emotion of being there at the creation. Inside hallowed recording spaces such as Columbia’s 30th Street Studio, Capitol Studio A in Hollywood, or Abbey Road in London.
From the moment the music begins, you’re enveloped by amazing performances captured in extraordinary, life-like sound. Music with unprecedented transparency, immediacy, and richness of tone. The pristine sound that comes as close to the original analog master tape as is humanly possible.
Deep feelings abound as you experience the impeccable craftsmanship of an Impex Records release. This is the reward you’ve earned for a deep-seated love of music, your commitment to the superior sound, and the countless hours and prodigious capital you’ve invested in building a playback system that can transport you to your musical Nirvana.

At Impex Records, we are proud to offer DSD, DXD, Super Audio Compact Discs (SACD) in Stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound albums of uncompromising quality. Exceptional products designed for discriminating listeners with a passion for music and sound. Our love for music, and respect for the art and science of sound recording, guides and informs every decision we make. Our dedication leads to obsessing over every detail of the craft for one purpose: to put you front-row center in the studio, club, or concert hall to encounter great music exactly as it was recorded, with the highest of fidelity. We work with Grammy-award-winning recording and mastering engineers using the most renowned mastering studios — people who share our passion for excellence.

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