Magnetic Fidelity

Magnetic Fidelity Records is an independent record label committed to exceptional quality recordings, released exclusively on high fidelity formats. The concept behind this record label stems from the desire to preserve and present to a wider audience the musical output of the relatively obscure yet notably talented artists frequenting the 100% analog, Direct-to-Master recording facilities of Magnetic Fidelity.

A wide range of musical genres will be explored and represented through the Magnetic Fidelity Records releases, but they will all share the same basic principles. All of the recordings will be performed entirely live, with any number of participants required for each composition all performing simultaneously at Magnetic Fidelity, while being recorded directly on stereophonic master tape or lacquer disk using exclusively analog electronic equipment. Any sound effects or signal processing required would be added in real time and no further processing will be permitted once the recording is captured. Such drastic rules shall reveal the true talent of musicians and engineers alike, in the delicate art of live performance, improvisation and chance.

The master medium is then subsequently used to create the different consumer media, usually including 1/4″ tape, vinyl records, DSD and high definition PCM. The tape duplication is done in real time, with each reel of tape being individually loaded and recorded at 15 ips, using a 100% analog signal path at Magnetic Fidelity.

The lacquer masters are also cut in-house, directly from the master tape or the live source, on a pure analog signal path. 

The DSD and PCM versions are derived from the master tape signal directly undergoing an A/D conversion, with no further processing. 

The equipment in the recording process can vary according to what is deemed most appropriate for capturing the realism of the event. As a matter of principle, minimalist techniques are preferred without employing large numbers of microphones or unnecessary signal processing. The majority of the equipment is based in vacuum tube electronics and is heavily customised.

Thus, Magnetic Fidelity Records releases capture the spirit along with the sound in a pure, unadulterated form, while expanding the repertoire into previously uncharted territory in he world of high fidelity.

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