In 2015, Saidera Mastering started a new label and production company called SDM&LiveRec (Saidera Mastering & Live Recording). SDM&LiveRec is focused on making recordings of excellent independent artists in the highest possible audio quality using recording technology called DSD (Direct Stream Digital). All SDM&LiveRec titles are co-produced with the independent artists. All SDM&LiveRec recordings are done in DSD and mixed and mastered by Saidera Mastering engineers. SDM&LiveRec productions are directed by Seigen Ono and/or Tatsuji Kimura.

More information about Saidera Records and Saidera Mastering

Saidera Paradiso Ltd., located at the cultural/music heart of Tokyo, is the parent company of Saidera Records along with Saidera Mastering, an independent studio and lab founded in 1996 by Producer, Recording Engineer, Mastering Engineer and Recording Artist Seigen Ono.

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