Jazz At The Pawnshop 3 – Good Vibes

Arne Domnerus, Bengt Hallberg, Egil Johansen, Georg Riedel, Lars Erstrand

Original Recording Format: Analog Tape
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This is the last album of the famous Jazz at the Pawnshop sets recorded live at the Pawnshop jazz club, recorded on the second night of a memorable live recording in December 1976.  Tonight, the Arne Domnérus quartet is augmented by Lars Erstrand on vibes.

Jazz at the Pawnshop is considered one of the most famous audiophile albums in music. Recorded over two nights at the intimate Pawnshop jazz club in Stockholm, both the musicianship and the engineering came together in a magical symbiosis captured on this enduring classic.

Recording engineer Gert Palmcrantz used one pair of microphones spaced eight inches apart for the main pick-up, with a couple of microphones placed to register the “live” atmosphere and a few discrete support mikes, all recorded on a pair of two-track Nagra tape recorders in the restaurant kitchen!

Arne Domnerus – Alto Saxophone, Clarinet
Bengt Hallberg – Piano
Lars Erstrand – Vibes
Georg Riedel – Bass
Egil Johansen – Drums


Now's the Time
Out of Nowhere
In a Mellotone - In a Mellow Tone
Take the - A Train
Going Places - Jeepers Creepers
Struttin' with some Barbeque

Total time: 00:54:10

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Analog Recording Equipment

Nagra T tape recorder

Mastering Engineer

 The mastering chain consists of a selection of high-end vacuum tube equipment.  For the recordings on this album, the original ¼” 15 ips CCIR master tapes were played on a Nagra-T tape recorder, modified with high-end tube playback electronics, wired from the playback head directly to a Telefunken EF806 tube, using OCC silver cable.  The Nagra T, with its four direct drive motors, two pinch rollers and a tape tension head, has one of the best transports ever made.  A custom-built carbon fiber head block and a head damping electronic system permit 2xHD FUSION to obtain a better resolution and 3D imaging.



2xHD was created by producer/studio owner André Perry and audiophile sound engineer René Laflamme.





Original Recording Format

Recording Engineer

Gert Palmcrantz

Release Date August 4, 2017

Press reviews

Gert Palmcrantz, recording engineer

“I have experienced many marvellous jazz studio recordings, but this, facing a live audience, is where jazz functions and becomes that esoteric glue that bonds people, regardless of nationality or race”


“… widely regarded as one of the most natural-sounding jazz recordings of all time … a long-standing audiophile reference … contains excellent music and performances.”


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