One Million Dillions

Angie Who


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Inspired by her son’s invention of a new numerical term, Angie Who‘s album One Million Dillions, was born to exceed expectations.

Angie Who is a Singer and Songwriter based in Sydney, Australia. She famously makes children music that adults can enjoy. On this album, Angie decides to flip the script. Dillions plays like a bluesy, country-rocker that would not be out of place on any contemporary Americana playlist.

It quickly grabs a hold and refuses to let go. Angie’s inimitable, molasses-soaked, contralto vocals are rich and playful as she tumbles over comparisons for her undying love while her band’s soulful groove and ferocious guitar tones are as brilliantly unyielding as her lyrical claims.

The results are stellar. A song with adult sensibilities, inspired by a child and made for everyone.

Angie Who – Vocals
Jimmy Daley – Vocals & Mandolin
Luke Webb – Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Cameron Henderson – Banjo
Evan Brown – Double Bass
Craig Collier – Drums


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Train Is Coming
Whaddaya Say
Hey Shadow
Nursery Rhyme Mash
One Million Dillons
Catch A Falling Star

Total time: 00:17:44

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Release DateSeptember 29, 2023

Press reviews

Electric Kids Music

Who exactly is Angie Who? Good question. Even after carefully scrutinizing the artist’s website the answer to that question still remains something of a mystery. I did manage to ascertain though that she is a Sydney-based singer-songwriter and creator of family music. It seems Angie is somewhat reluctant to talk about herself; preferring to let her music do the talking. A refreshing approach in this day and age.

I however, was fortunate enough to receive a pre-release copy of her album One Million Dillions, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Drawing on a range of influences including traditional Jazz, Blues and Country she has created a sound that is nothing short of remarkable.

The standout track for me is “Hey Shadow“, which features a beautiful melody, exquisite musicianship, and lyrics which complement the song superbly. Here, the artist reflects on the whereabouts of her shadow like she’s referring to an old friend. The music incorporates what sounds like a pedal steel guitar, an intricate banjo and sweeping harmonies throughout. The bass and drums close the deal, providing the necessary power and space to lift all the other instruments. Brilliant!

I have it on good authority that the title track “One Million Dillions” was inspired by none other than the artist’s son, who came up with this infinite number as a young boy. The arrangement is superb here, with the blend of instrumentation creating the necessary tension for the chorus to really explode. Certainly one for the purists, a real singalong that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Joni Mitchell album.

I’ve always loved the ballad “Catch A Falling Star“, and the somewhat gentle approach of the artist on display here certainly does the song justice. Here minimalism is the order of the day, where the instruments on display, provide a vessel for the sweet wine of the lead vocals to emerge. The artist has a truly outstanding voice, and this song really shows it off in its best light.

I can honestly say I’ve never come across a song that celebrates the importance of “Laces“, but here we are. A slightly tongue-in-cheek ditty that informs the listener of an early morning ritual, before we are instructed to ‘tie our laces up’. A very endearing song, where an accordion and mandolin exploit the triple meter rhythm to serve up something really special.

There are many other wonderful songs on the album, including, the jazzy laid back “Whaddaya Say“, the high energy “Train Is Coming” and the wonderful “Nursery Rhyme Mash“, where a selection of familiar nursery rhymes are blended together with seamless expertise. Here a jaunty rhythm carries the day, as the familiar lyrics are reworked to create this mini masterpiece.

All in all a superb album from a very exciting artist, who has made serious headway of late. Angie Who is an artist who manages to charm her audience through seductive melodies, haunting vocals and highly dexterous musicianship. She has created a unique and original sound that the whole family can sing along to. I look forward to hearing more from her in the future, and if you, dear reader, would like to hear more from this emerging artist, her new album is out, so do yourself a favor and buy a copy.


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