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Positive Feedback DSD Sampler Volume 3 – DSD 512 Sampler

Budapest Festival Orchestra, Hille Perl, Ivan Fischer, Jory Vinikour, Mahan Esfahani, Maya Fridman, Michala Petri, Thierry Fischer, Utah Symphony Orchestra, Yuko Mabuchi Trio

Original Recording Format: Analog, DXD, DSD 64, DSD 256
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Big thanks to Dr. David Robinson at Positive Feedback for carefully creating the third volume of the Positive Feedback DSD Sampler that highlights Stereo DSD 512 tracks.

With Volume 3, we focus attention on the even higher resolution format of Stereo DSD 512…8x DSD! We are sure that this selection of DSD 512 tracks will give you a sense of the possibilities that ultra-resolution DSD offers to the discriminating and demanding music lover and audiophile.

Every effort has been made to be reasonably eclectic, but the significantly increased file size of DSD 512 tracks has limited the number of selections that Dr. Robinson could select for this new DSD 512 sampler.

Positive Feedback was the first audiophile journal to come out in support of DSD and SACD, in the fall of 1998, after visiting Mobile Fidelity’s demonstration of the new DSD technology in Sebastopol, California. (See the republication of David Robinson’s original article on DSD in Issue 1 of PF Online at

The magazine’s support for DSD and SACD has never wavered since then and has been confirmed by developments in the audio arts and in the marketplace. Positive Feedback is a high-end audio journal that has been in publication since January of 1990. It was published with paper and ink for the first thirteen years of its existence, and then merged with Dave and Carol Clark’s magazine, Audio Musings in Southern California, and converted to fully online publication under the Positive Feedback brand by June of 2002.

With a subtitle of “A Creative Forum for the Audio Arts,” PF has been a very dynamic and wide-ranging magazine, with a large community of over 80 associated editors and writers, located online at It currently verifies 370,000 – 400,000 readers worldwide per month and is generally recognized as a major and influential voice in the global audiophile community. It maintains a social networking presence on both Facebook and Twitter. There is no charge for visiting and reading PF, and all back issues are maintained in our online archives ( for easy public access.” — Dr. David Robinson, Editor In Chief, Positive Feedback

Read David’s personal notes about each track in the booklet!

Jory Vinikour – Harpsichord (Track 1)
Yuko Mabuchi Trio (Track 2)
Thierry Fischer, Utah Symphony Orchestra (Track 3)
Maya Fridman, Cello (Tracks 4 & 7)
Michala Petri, Hille Perl & Mahan Esfahani (Track 5)
Ivan Fischer, Budapest Festival Orchestra (Track 6)


Please note that the below previews are loaded as 44.1 kHz / 16 bit.
Harpsichord Partita No. 1 in B-Flat Major, BWV 825 - I. Prelude - From DSL92209, Sono Luminus
All Blues - From YAR88171DSD, Yarlung Records
Alexander Nevsky - Song of Alexander Nevsky - From FR735, Reference Recordings
Light Is Calling - From TTK0046, TRPTK
Flute Sonata in E Major, BWV 1035, Arr. for Alto Recorder & Basso continuo, II. Allegro - From 62206
Symphony No. 5 in C Minor Opus 67: I. Allegro con brio - From 39719, Channel Classics
Hell I - From TTK0046, TRPTK

Total time: 00:37:07

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Hegel H30

Analog to Digital Converters

Horus, Hapi & Anubis, Merging Technologies

Associate Producers

Billy Mitchell & Elliot Midwood


Furutech custom microphone cables

Editing Software

Pyramix, Merging Technologies

Executive Producer

Randy Bellous

Funding Support

Randy & Linda Bellous, Toyota Motor North America, Stratton Petit Foundation, Ann Mulally, Steven A. Block, Raulee Marcus, Leslie Lassiter, Drs. Antonio & Hanna Damasio, Dr. W. Benton & Mrs. Diane Boone, George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Foundation

Harpsicord Technician

Barbara Wolf

Mastering Engineer

Daniel Shores, Steve Hoffman & Bob Attiyeh, Mark Donahue, Brendon Heinst, Preben Iwan,Tom Caulfield (DSD 512)

Mastering Room

SoundMirror in Boston, MA, NativeDSD Mastering Lab

Microphone Preamps

Horus, Merging Technologies, Microphone preamplifiers by Elliot Midwood

Microphone Technician

David Bock


AEA R48A, AKG C-12, C-24; DPA 4006, DPA d:dicate 4006A, d:dicate 4015A, Neumann U89 & KM184, Schoeps M222 Vacuum Tube


The Stereo DSD 512 tracks were created by Tom Caulfield at the NativeDSD Mastering Lab using the "EC" modulators in Signalyst HQ Player Pro 4



Original Recording Format

, , ,


Dan Merceruio, Bob Attiyeh, Dirk Sobotka, Brendon Heinst, Preben Iwan

Recording Engineer

Daniel Shores, Bob Attiyeh & Arian Jansen, John Newton, Brendon Heinst

Recording Location

Sono Luminus Studios in Boyce, Virginia, Brain and Creativity Institute’s Cammilleri Hall at University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, California, Maurice Abravanel Hall in Salt Lake City, Utah on November 18 and 19, 2016, Garnisons Kirke, Copenhagen on June 11 – 14. 2019

Recording Software

Pyramix, Merging Technologies

Recording Type & Bit Rate

Analog, DSD 64, DXD, DSD 256

Sound Consultants

Brad Michel & Ricardo Ryan


B&W Nautilus Diamond, KEF Blade Two, Legacy Audio

Tube Microphones

Ted Ancona

Release DateJune 16, 2020


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