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Robert Vijay Gupta

Original Recording Format: Analog Tape
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Charismatic Robert Gupta plays the Nathan Milstein Stradivarius violin from 1716 in Walt Disney Concert Hall. Not only is Robert superbly talented and the youngest member of the LA Philharmonic, but he is also a Senior TED fellow, executive director of Street Symphony (which brings music to homeless and mentally ill people).

Badal Roy, famous for his many recordings on Indian drums for Miles Davis and Ornette Coleman, joins his cousin Robert on stage for this recording. Roy premiers Calcutta Sunrise for tabla solo on the opening track. Roy still wears the same sunglasses and channels the same energy he did in the sixties and seventies. Even before the album’s release, Calcutta Sunrise won the Audio Oasis Award at the 2012 THE SHOW in Newport.

Robert has become a beacon for the City of Los Angeles and speaks internationally on his work with Nathaniel Ayers (the formerly homeless musician whose story is told in the book and movie “The Soloist.”  Robert continues to be Nathaniel’s real-life violin teacher). Inspired by his relationship with Nathaniel, Robert founded Street Symphony, which brings music to mentally ill people on skid row, men in high-security prisons and veterans: human beings in situations many of us would prefer to ignore.

We used the Hapi converter and Pyramix software from Merging Technologies in Switzerland to make these transfers to DSD.  Our sincere thanks to George Klissarov and exaSound for making these releases possible. 


Please note that the below previews are loaded as 44.1 kHz / 16 bit.
Calcutta Sunrise
Istanpitta (Choniciamento di gioa)
Raga Redux, from Raga Jaunpuri

Total time: 00:22:27

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Digital Converters

Hapi from Merging

Mastering Engineer

Steve Hoffmann, Bob Attiyeh -analog.

Mastering Equipment

We used the Hapi converter (256fs) and Pyramix software from Merging Technologies in Switzerland to make these transfers to DSD.


AKG Tube C-24

Original Recording Format


Bob Attiyeh

Recording Engineer

Bob Attiyeh, Jacob Horowitz

We chose the Messenger Microphone preamp by Elliot Midwood, and ran Yarlung interconnects into our analog tape recorder and high resolution digital system. For this recording we used RMGI 468 tape with analog recorder electronics designed by Bob Hovland and Len Horowitz.

Recording location

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles

Recording Type & Bit Rate

 Analog to DSD256

0 0 1 28 158 channel 1 1 185 14.0

Release DateNovember 13, 2014

Press reviews

Computer Audiophile

Suryodaya (Yarlung Records in Stereo DSD128) is an Indian classical fusion album by Robert Gupta (of LA Philharmonic and Street Symphony fame) and Badal Roy, a tabla virtuoso.

This album was recorded on analog tape and mastered to DSD. On Raga Redux, Roy’s tabla builds from whisper soft to a rollicking crescendo. The Bartók’s black background and low noise floor tracked these dynamics wonderfully. The texture and sonority of Gupta’s Stradivarius came across with impressive realism.


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