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En Silencio by Ricardo Gallén

Gonzalo Noqué – producer/engineer at Eudora Records – introduces the gorgeous new DSD 256 Stereo & Multichannel Album with guitarist Ricardo Gallén.

When we came up with the crazy idea of starting a classical music label (Eudora Records) we were extremely lucky to start with such an outstanding artist as Ricardo Gallén. His album of Guitar Sonatas composed by Fernando Sor remains our best-selling album at NativeDSD. Now, almost four years later, it is an immense joy for me to present this new album by Ricardo, En Silencio. It features a selection of some of the best-known pieces of the Latin American guitar repertoire as well as some rarities. All of them played on a copy of a 1864 Antonio de Torres guitar by Paco Santiago Marín.

Every time I record in DSD in the 13th Century Church of San Francisco, in Ávila (Spain) I marvel at the acoustics of this location and the ability of the DSD256 format to capture the nuances of the instruments and the natural space acoustics. For this recording the outstanding Sonodore microphones were used with the Horus Analog to DSD 256 Converter from Merging Technologies and of course, no DXD conversion and processing was applied. This is a pure DSD 256 recording.

To bring you the full benefit of this native DSD 256 recording, all the DSD files for En Silencio at the NativeDSD Music store use DSD rendering from the master DSD 256fs Stereo and Surround Sound recording. No DXD conversions, balancing and processing are present on this release.

Watch this breathtakingly beautiful video to get an idea of the new DSD Album ‘En Silencio’

Video Ricardo Gallén – La Catedral: III. Allegro Solemne | Agustín Barrios

Written by

Gonzalo Noqué

Gonzalo is the Producer/Engineer at Eudora Records


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