Following his critically acclaimed interpretation of Bruckner’s 7th Symphony, Iván Fischer leads the Budapest Festival Orchestra to the summit of 19th century symphonic music, with this new recording of the monumental, enigmatic, unfinished and deeply religious 9th Symphony of Anton Bruckner. The album is exclusively available in Stereo and 5 Channel DSD 128, DSD 256 and DXD plus Stereo DSD 512 at NativeDSD.

Fischer mentions his earlier recordings, made in DSD, available at NativeDSD.

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Matt Arthur, finding himself lost and unfulfilled at home, left Britain on a spontaneous trip to Amsterdam, alone, searching for a spiritual and musical break. He took himself to a local open mic event at Amsterdam’s café De Koe. That’s where Jara Holdert first noticed him, sitting at the other end of the bar. After they heard one another’s songs, they knew immediately that they were woven from the same artistic cloth.

Amsterdam Moon is the first EP from The Coo. Recorded in DXD by engineer/producer Jared Sacks of Just Listen Records.

Also available on Vinyl!

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Marianne Kielland sings Sibelius with an orchestra

Considered today one of Europes leading singers, Marianne Beate Kielland says of this new recording: “As my career has progressed, I have had the chance to make numerous recordings featuring a variety of repertoires, and I have always felt the desire to record the songs of Sibelius. Virtually all Sibelius songs are written for voice and piano, but (…) a number of his finest songs have fortunately been orchestrated, and it is these editions we have used for this recording.

The mezzo-soprano is quite outstanding: strong, firm, sensitive in modulations, imaginative in her treatment of words, with a voice pure in quality, wide in range and unfalteringly true in intonation.

Gramophone Magazine
  • A Christmas Carol performed by Choir and Storyteller

    A Christmas Carol is the latest DSD album from the Skylark Vocal Ensemble on Sono Luminus.  It is their third DSD release at NativeDSD. 

    Writing this now, on the day that I’ve heard the final mastered recording for the first time, it’s hard to believe that this particular arrangement of words and music has never existed before. Like many great works of art, it feels to me as though this has always been there waiting to be discovered, like a beautiful figure carved from a single piece of wood whose form is revealed by a master wood carver.

    Matthew Guard, Artistic Director

    Available in Stereo DSD 128, DSD 64 and DXD.

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