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The Trio de Curda performs a program of Tango and Latin music, built around Astor Piazzolla’s monumental “Libertango”. This is a wonderful, spontaneous, one microphone recording.

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More Than A Great Pianist

Adrian Quanjer has just published a new DSD Review on the NativeDSD Blog.

TRPTK’s quality statement: “No costs or efforts are spared to seize that magical moment in which music is being created, and bring it home to you in the highest quality”, is not just a PR matter. It is real.

Listen to this new release by Dutch Wonder Pianist, Nicolas Van Poucke. He is more than a great pianist. He is a natural talent able to enthral an audience.

Adrian Quanjer

Nicolas van Poucke: The Schumann Collection

A Warm Welcome to Psalmus

We are pleased to welcome the Psalmus label and their DSD sacred music to the NativeDSD Music store!

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These and many more albums are produced and recorded by the NativeDSD founders.

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Good sounding music starts with excellent quality DSD & DXD files.

What we do

NativeDSD provides listeners a top quality resource for DSD Stereo, DSD Binaural (for headphone listeners) & DSD Multichannel music directly from Native DSD,  Native DXD, Native Very High Bit Rate PCM (24 bit, 384kHz) and Analog Master Tapes transferred to DSD in Stereo, Multichannel and Binaural.

Where it comes from

The music we offer comes directly from the musicians and recording artists recording in DSD, DXD, Very High Bit Rate PCM (24 bit, 384kHz) and Analog Tape to DSD Transfers. NativeDSD will never sell upsampled PCM at bit rates below DXD (24 bit, 352.8 kHz PCM) and Very High Bit Rate PCM (24 bit, 384kHz). That’s how we make sure that you get as close to the actual performance as possible.

How we present it

You can choose to download as Stereo (and when available in Multichannel and Binaural) DSD 256, DSD 128, DSD 64, and DXD and in a growing number in the popular Stereo DSD 512 bit rate.

NativeDSD also offers Stereo, Binaural and Multichannel FLAC files. These are created from the DSD and DXD editions of these albums using the unique “Zephiir” conversion process created by Bit Perfect which produces exceptionally high quality FLAC files.

Grab a laptop or desktop to download an album, listen with a DSD capable Digital Audio Player (DAP), a DSD capable Digital to Analog Converter (DAC), or a DSD capable Optical Disc Player plus a pair of headphones or speakers – start off with our free DSD starter pack!

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Go Optical

The Sonore opticalModule Deluxe is a bi-directional fiber media converter or FMC. The opticalModule has an SFP fiber optic transceiver on one side and an RJ45 connector on the other side.

Sonore OpticalModule Deluxe

 The unit can be used to add fiber-optic networking to your existing wired network or convert your existing fiber optic network to a wired network. The unit can be used with All Sonore products or any other network server or endpoint.

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