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From 2xHD

The broad, sweeping phrases of Carter’s improvisations have the structural stability of compositions in their own right. Here, his approach to benefits from having been honed through the decades.

Jan Fritz, Jazz In Europe

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Higher Rate Program

From Harmonia Mundi

The English Concert, Andrew Manze
This recording explores the night-music of Mozart’s soul. It is one of NativeDSD’s all-time bestsellers and just entered the Higher Rate Program. As a result you can now – for the first time, and exclusively –  download the album in DSD 64, DSD 128, DSD 256 or DSD 512. Right here at NativeDSD.

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Ready for Christmas

Christmas is on its way, and we already selected some albums for you to get started!

NativeDSD Albums of the Year 2020 – the nominees

33 albums nominated

As we have done in the past few years, NativeDSD called upon two of our music experts – Senior Reviewer Bill Dodd and Technical Advisor Brian Moura – to carefully review the year’s releases and bring our listeners 3 to 5 nominations in several musical categories.

Check out the 33 nominees for The Best of DSD in 2020…

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World Premiere

From Reference Recordings

In the latest addition to its Fresh! series of Stereo and Multichannel DSD 256 recordings from Sound Mirror, Reference Recordings proudly presents two new works from leading American composer Jonathan Leshnoff. These world premiere recordings showcase the Kansas City Symphony performing his third symphony, inspired by World War I letters home, with texts sung by baritone Stephen Powell. It is coupled with Leshnoff ’s new and exciting piano concerto, dedicated to and performed by pianist Joyce Yang.

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Good sounding music starts with excellent quality DSD & DXD data

What we do

NativeDSD provides listeners a top quality resource for DSD Stereo, DSD Binaural (for headphone listeners) & DSD Multichannel music directly from Native DSD,  Native DXD, Native Very High Bit Rate PCM (24 bit, 384kHz) and Analog Master Tapes transferred to DSD in Stereo, Multichannel and Binaural.

Where it comes from

The music we offer comes directly from the musicians and recording artists recording in DSD, DXD, Very High Bit Rate PCM (24 bit, 384kHz) and Analog Tape to DSD Transfers. NativeDSD will never sell upsampled PCM at bit rates below DXD (24 bit, 352.8 kHz PCM) and Very High Bit Rate PCM (24 bit, 384kHz). That’s how we make sure that you get as close to the actual performance as possible.

How we present it

You can choose to download as Stereo (and when available in Multichannel and Binaural) DSD 256, DSD 128, DSD 64, and DXD and in a growing number in the popular Stereo DSD 512 bit rate.

NativeDSD also offers Stereo, Binaural and Multichannel FLAC files. These are created from the DSD and DXD editions of these albums using the unique “Zephiir” conversion process created by Bit Perfect which produces exceptionally high quality FLAC files.

Get Started using a laptop or desktop to download an album, listen with a DSD capable Digital Audio Player (DAP), a DSD capable Digital to Analog Converter (DAC), or a DSD capable Optical Disc Player plus a pair of headphones or speakers – start off with our free DSD starter pack!

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DSD, DXD & FLAC Surround Sound with exaSound e68

exaSound e68

Built around the ES9038PRO monolithic DAC chip from ESS Technologies, the e68 8-Channel Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) offers the listener astonishingly natural analog-like sound with vanishingly low distortion and noise levels. The e68 also features a high-power, high-performance headphone amplifier and an ultimate resolution volume control. Available to our listeners worldwide except in the U.S. and Canada.

  • Multichannel DAC capable of playing up to 8-channels of DSD 256, DSD 128, DSD 64, DXD, and FLAC/PCM up to 384 kHz
  • Playback of Stereo DSD 512
  • Built around the ES9038PRO monolithic DAC chip from ESS Technologies, the e68 has astonishingly natural analog-like sound and vanishingly low distortion and noise levels.
  • The e68 offers a high-power, high-performance headphone amplifier and ultimate resolution volume control.

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