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  • Celebration in Brass
  • Pentecost Fanfare
  • Gabriel V Brass Ensemble
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It's very smart to give away a healthy sample of songs to really sit down and enjoy and compare.  This is the kind of thing that will get people engaged in DSD music. - Eli (Georgia, USA)

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Native DSD Music

What we do

We provide audiophile listeners a top quality resource for DSD Stereo & Multichannel music directly from native DSD recorded Master Data, Analog Master Tapes and Native DXD Recorded Music.

Where it comes from

The tapes and data we use to prepare the DSD downloads come directly from the record labels, engineers and artists recording in DSD and Analog Master Tapes. does not offer any physical SACD's or upsampled PCM, that's how we bring you as close to the actual performance as possible. 
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What you need to HEAR it

  1. a PC/Mac or Music server
  2. a DAC (digital to analogue converter)
  3. a pair of hearphones or speakers