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“Along with Fernandez and Pierce, the album features an all-star band that includes former Michael Jackson bassist Alex Al, current Jimmy Kimmel Show Band keyboardist Jeff Babko, top L.A.-based horn player Ricky Woodard as well as returning musicians from her earlier albums. The result is an hour of Soul and Pop music, recorded in Analog with truly standout performances and fabulous sonics.”

Brian Moura, Associate Editor, Positive Feedback – 2019 Writer’s Choice Award Winner

20% Off 5 Recent Pentatone Highlights

To celebrate the new “Beethoven Fidelio” release, we cherrypicked some of the most wonderful recent DSD audio Pentatone albums – and temporarily offer them to you with a 20% discount!

You will find the 5 albums on this blog page. The coupon HIGHLIGHTS is applied automatically in your cart. This coupon expires on July 26, 2021.

The Unexpected

Enjoy a 15% discount on all UNEXPECTED discoveries – automatically applied in your cart at checkout. Ends July 26th.

Senior reviewer Bill Dodd has yet again discovered new DSD music. This time he highlights recordings that are outside of his comfort-zone but yet they are very enjoyable…

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These and many more albums are produced and recorded by the NativeDSD founders.

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Good sounding music starts with excellent quality DXD & DSD Audio files.

What we do

NativeDSD provides listeners a top quality resource for DSD Stereo, DSD Binaural (for headphone listeners) & DSD Multichannel music directly from Native DSD,  Native DXD, Native Very High Bit Rate PCM (24 bit, 384kHz) and Analog Master Tapes transferred to DSD in Stereo, Multichannel and Binaural.

Where it comes from

The music we offer comes directly from the musicians and recording artists recording in DSD, DXD, Very High Bit Rate PCM (24 bit, 384kHz) and Analog Tape to DSD Transfers. NativeDSD will never sell upsampled PCM at bit rates below DXD (24 bit, 352.8 kHz PCM) and Very High Bit Rate PCM (24 bit, 384kHz). That’s how we make sure that you get as close to the actual performance as possible.

How we present it

You can choose to download as Stereo (and when available in Multichannel and Binaural) DSD 256, DSD 128, DSD 64, and DXD and in a growing number in the popular Stereo DSD 512 bit rate.

NativeDSD also offers Stereo, Binaural and Multichannel FLAC files. These are created from the DSD and DXD editions of these albums using the unique “Zephiir” conversion process created by Bit Perfect which produces exceptionally high quality FLAC files.

Grab a laptop or desktop to download an album, listen with a DSD capable Digital Audio Player (DAP), a DSD capable Digital to Analog Converter (DAC), or a DSD capable Optical Disc Player plus a pair of headphones or speakers – start off with our free DSD starter pack!

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    I admit it –just like most people I tend to stay in my comfort zone. But one of the joys of wandering through the Native DSD library is that I can find unexpected pleasure in a new viewpoint in performance, or a new arrangement for […]
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    Music or Witchcraft? How many of you are familiar with the theremin? It may sound a bit out of place here, but I came to know this instrument through the adventures of Inspector Barnaby. I was intrigued by a sound in the theme song of […]

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