Flute & Friends (2008)

Tann, Beach, Beamish, Musgrave, Farrenc

Emily Beynon

Hilary Tann (b.1947) was born in Wales and is now based in upstate New York. Her music is influenced by her love of her homeland, her strong identification with the natural world and an interest in the traditional music of Japan.

The ancient Celtic story about 'The Song of Amergin' dates back to the Milesian invaders of Ireland (from the Iberian Peninsula) in around 1530 BC. The then rulers of Ireland asked for a three-day truce during which the Milesians should lie at anchor nine waves' distance from the shore. A magical storm was conjured up in an attempt to drive the invaders away but the Milesian druid Amergin sang an invocation and was able to part the storm and bring the ship safely to land.

Amy Marcy Chene-Beach (1867-1944) was a child prodigy; she was able to sing forty tunes accurately aged just one and at four began composing. She began piano lessons at six and at fourteen received her only formal training in composition; one year of harmony and counterpoint with Junius W. Hill. London-born Sally Beamish (b.1956) was taught to read and write music by her mother at the age of four and began composing almost immediately. At five she took up the piano and later the violin, changing to viola at fifteen. Successful careers as violist and composer ran happily side-by-side until the theft of her viola and a move to Scotland (both in 1989) helped her decide to concentrate on composing. Composition teachers have included Oliver Knussen, Luciano Berio, Lennox Berkeley, and Harrison Birtwistle.

Born in Edinburgh in 1928, Thea Musgrave initially studied at University there and later with Nadia Boulanger at the Paris Conservatoire. On returning to Britain she quickly became a prominent member of British musical life. In 1970 she became a Guest Professor at the University of California and has lived in America since 1972. Jean-Louise Dumont-Farrenc (1804-1875) showed musical talent from an early age and at fifteen began studies with Anton Reicha, composition teacher at the Paris Conservatoire. Whilst there, she met Aristide Farrenc, a flute student ten years her senior. They married when Louise was seventeen and she discontinued her studies in order to perform throughout France with her husband.

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Emily Beynon

Emily Beynon is principal flautist of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam. She was born in Swansea, South Wales. She began her flute studies as a junior at the Royal College of Music with Margaret Ogonovsky and then went on to study with William Bennett at the Royal Academy of Music and with Alain Marion in Paris. In 2002 Emily was made a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Music.Equally at home in front of the orchestra as in its midst, Emily has performed as concerto soloist with, amongst others, The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Philharmonia Orchestra, the major BBC Orchestras, NHK Symphony, the Vienna, Prague, Netherlands and English Chamber Orchestras and the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields.As a chamber musician she works regularly with her sister, the harpist, Catherine Beynon and the pianist Andrew West, and has made guest appearances with the Nash Ensemble, Skampa Quartet, Steven Isserlis, Dame Felicity Lott, Jean-Yves Tibaudet, the Kungsbacka Trio and Brodsky Quartet.She has broadcast regularly for BBC Radio 3 and has featured in several television documentaries for Thames Television, the BBC and AVRO (Nederlandse Omroep Stichting)An enthusiastic protagonist of new music, Emily has had many new works written for her, by some of the UK's leading composers: Sally Beamish, Jonathan Dove, John Woolrich and most recently a BBC commission by Errollyn Wallen called "All the Blues I see" written for and premiered by Emily and the Brodsky Quartet.Also a passionate and dedicated teacher, Emily is frequently asked to give masterclasses all over the world and in 2009, together with Suzanne Wolff, established the Netherlands Flute Academy. In 2008, she released a cd with music from Beamish, Musgrave, Tann, Beach, and Farrenc, on Channel Classics Records.

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Flute & Friends (2008)

Tann, Beach, Beamish, Musgrave, Farrenc

Emily Beynon

    Fono Forum

nur Werke von Komponistinnen! (…) Emily Beynon und ihre Musikerfreunde präsentieren dieses kontrastreiche Programm auf brillantem Niveau. Ein Album für die Insel!


Wat een prachtig geluid! Bovendien weet de rasmuzikale Beynon zich omringd door uitstekende collega's. In een impromptu van Thea Musgrave buitelen haar fluit en de hobo van Alexei Ogrintchouk vijf minuten genoeglijk om elkaar heen. Tot de substantilere werken behoort een lyrisch trio voor fluit, cello en piano van Louise Farrenc, volbloed romantiek namens een Franse componiste die kon rekenen op de bewondering van Schumann.


Dat haar dramatische muziek ontspringt uit liefde voor de natuur van haar geboorteland Wales, is overduidelijk in de werken van Hilary Tanns. Daarna even bijkomen met een romantisch strijkkwintet uit 1915 van Amy Beach. Ook een intrigerend speels werkje van Thea Musgraves voor fluit en hobo uit 1967 dat associaties opwekt met een wegvliegende vogel. Al met al een cd die boeit tot het eind, excellent van uitvoering en opnamekwaliteit.

    Opus HD

Voici un programma la fois original et pertinent, regroupant des uvres pour flte, avec accompagnement, de 5 compositeurs fminins. Cinq femmes dont l'originalit d'criture n'est pas le seul intrt de ce bel enregistrement en pur DDSD. Cinq femmes que la jeune fltiste dfend avec brio. Principale flte de l'Orchestre du Royal Concertgebouw d'Amsterdam, cette dernire se distingue par un jeu o douceur, subtilit et virtuosits confondent au cur de phrases au souffle idal. () Emily Beynon, avec beaucoup de finesse nous ouvre les portes d'un domaine, celui de la flte, dans lequel, vidence, il reste beaucoup de notes entendre. Tout simplement indispensable


Een bewuste keuze voor werken van vrouwelijke componisten, een afwisselende bezetting, met medewerking van 'toonkunstenaars' in de strikte zin van het woord. (...) Emily Beynon paart een prachtige toon aan een doorleefde voordracht (...) (...) Ik ben blij dat gekozen is voor deze werken van uitsluitend vrouwelijke componisten, een groep die altijd sterk ondergewaardeerd is.

    Klassieke Zaken

Emily Beynon, de eerste fluitiste van het Koninklijk Concertgebouw Orkest in de hoofdrol, we maken kennis met de kwaliteit van musici die we voornamelijk kennen als onderdeel van een groter geheel. () Zij laat ons kennismaken met vijf werken van vijf vrouwelijke componisten wiens levens tezamen zo'n twee eeuwen muziekgeschiedenis beslaan. () () Deze werken zijn echt speciaal, zeker in de onovertroffen uitvoering van Beynon and friends!

    Music WEB

Emily Beynon is respected as one of the best living flute players, and for good reason. Her innate musicianship is apparent in everything she plays; even the simplest melodies are transformed into beautifully crafted musical shapes in her hands (...) The quality of playing on this disc is exceptional throughout. Each performance is impeccable and musically engaging. The choice of works is fascinating, giving an opportunity for some less well known works to be heard and demonstrating the diversity in styles between the different composers that are represented. Unmissable. cd of the month

    International Record Review

Emily Beynon, principale flute with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, is one of those players who captive simply because of the glorous sound they make. (...) this is one of the finest multicomposer discs to have come my way in a very long time.


Top-flight flautist in an all-female selection (...) Beynon's playing is splendid throughout and she is ably supported by her circle of friends. The sound is excellent, close-miked without being overpowering and with a natural ambience.

Flute & Friends (2008)

Tann, Beach, Beamish, Musgrave, Farrenc

Emily Beynon

Cables: van den Hul
Digital Converters: Grimm A/D DSD / Meitner DA
Mastering Engineer: Jared Sacks
Mastering Equipment: B&W 803 diamond series
Microphones: Bruel & Kjaer, Schoeps
Mixing Board: Rens Heijnis custom design
Producer: Hein Dekker
Recording Engineer: Jared Sacks
Recording location: Doopgezinde Kerk Amsterdam The Netherlands 2008
Recording Software: Pyramix bij Merging
Recording Type & Bit Rate: DSD64
Speakers: Audiolab, Holland

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26408: Flute & Friends
01:06:46   Select quality & channels above
From the Song of Amergin (flute, viola and harp)
00:10:35   Select quality & channels above
Theme and Variations (flute and string quartet)
00:20:52   Select quality & channels above
Words For My Daughter (flute and piano)
00:07:13   Select quality & channels above
Impromptu (flute and oboe)
00:05:14   Select quality & channels above
Trio op. 45 (flute, cello and piano) - allegro deciso
00:08:33   Select quality & channels above
Trio op. 45 (flute, cello and piano) - andante
00:05:28   Select quality & channels above
Trio op. 45 (flute, cello and piano) - scherzo
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Trio op. 45 (flute, cello and piano) - presto
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