5 Channel Surround Sound

4 Channel, 5 Channel and 5.1 Channel Surround Sound DSD Listening (with at least 5 speakers) is a great way to delve deeper into music and really experience that 5th-row of the concert hall. Getting back the reflections of the natural hall from the rear speakers to give you that 3D sense.

The DSD or DXD Surround Sound versions of the music at NativeDSD are mixed especially for Surround Sound playback. The files have 4, 5 or 5.1 (5 Channels plus a subwoofer channel) channels that contain the music. Stereo music files have 2 channels and will play back on the left and right speakers.

If you have a Surround Sound music system then you can play bother Stereo (2 Channel) and Surround Sound (4 Channel, 5 Channel and 5.1 Channel) music files. The Surround Sound versions enable you to hear the beautiful music in Surround Sound.

You can also opt for STEREO & MCH when making your channel selection, that way you get both mixes at a better price.

For 5.1 Channel please go here.

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Available Qualities
Original Recording Quality
AOTW Collection (-15%)

In Suspended Animation

Dark Cinder Veneer

Pentatone Exclusive

The Lord of Cries

Boston Modern Orchestra Project, Gil Rose

Pentatone Exclusive

Remembering Tebaldi

Lawrence Foster, Melody Moore, Transylvania State Philharmonic Orchestra

Pentatone Exclusive

Schubert: Into The Silent Land (Ins stille Land)

Signum Quartett

Pentatone Exclusive

Mendelssohn Choral Works

MDR Leipzig Radio Choir, Philipp Ahmann

Pentatone Exclusive

Deified (World Premiere Recording)

Eun Sun Kim, National Brass Ensemble

Pentatone Exclusive

Verdi: A Masked Ball (Un Ballo in Maschera) [Double Album]

Adam Lau, Annika Gerhards, Elisabeth Kulman and 9 more

Pentatone Exclusive

Schubert: Courage (Lebensmuth)

Signum Quartett

Pentatone Exclusive

Schubert Unfinished & Great Symphonies

Dresdner Philharmonie, Marek Janowski

Pentatone Exclusive

Broken Branches

Karim Sulayman, Sean Shibe

Pentatone Exclusive

Schumann: Complete Symphonies [Double Album] (Digital Only Release)

Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Lawrence Foster

Pentatone Exclusive
Album of the Year 2023

Bartók: Concerto for Orchestra

Karina Canellakis, Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra

Pentatone Exclusive

New Paths

Mari Kodama