Figure and Spirit (2018)

Brown, Konitz, Tristano

Lee Konitz Quintet

"One of the things that has always been a delight to me as a professional musician has been the element of surprise; first of all in the very playing of an improvised kind of music, when it’s all happening right, the surprise (although matter of fact in doing it) is sometimes very great; then, the situations one is asked to participate in, the places to go to perform in, are some very pleasant surprises to look forward to. Recently (Nov. ’75), I was called at 4:00 A.M. to be invited to play at Ronnie Scott’s in London for three weeks, and like the man who came to dinner, stayed eight months…what nice surprises in Europe!

Anyway, one day I received a call from Gus Statiras, whom I met in the ‘40’s, to make a record. After some few brief discussions, it was set up. Gus asked if Warne Marsh and I and prepared a few things especially for this set. Then I selected some of the best rhythm section players around: Rufus Reid, just in from Chicago is a delight to make music with; Albert Daily has music coming out in every direction, a beautiful piano player; and Joe Chambers, whom you all know from the many great musical situations he’s been in over the years.

So there we were, about as different from each other as you could imagine, playing music together…what a surprise! Well, do you know, everything was done in one take…mistakes and all. After all, it’s a fifty minute set of music (the first set!). Well, we know the third set is going to be much looser, so let’s hope this is good enough to warrant a second and third set. And most important, I hope there are some surprises for you.


Lee Konitz
November, 1976

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Figure and Spirit (2018)

Brown, Konitz, Tristano

Lee Konitz Quintet

Mastering Engineer: 2xHD mastering: René Laflamme
Producer: Gus P. Statiras
Recording Engineer: Fred Miller
Recording location: Recorded October 20th, 1976 at the Downtown Sound Studio in New York, N.Y.
Recording Type & Bit Rate: Analog

This album was recorded to Analog tape. It was then transferred to the DSD bit rate indicated above.

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2XHDJA1134: Figure and Spirit
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Figure and Spirit
00:06:16   N/A
Dream Stepper
00:08:13   N/A
Smog Eyes
00:07:17   N/A
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Without You Man
00:05:19   N/A
Dig It
00:04:04   N/A
Feather Bed
00:07:00   N/A

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