The Complete Schubert Symphonies - Vol. 1 (2018)


Residentie Orkest The Hague

Jan Willem de Vriend

Symphony No. 2 D. 125 and Symphony No. 4 D. 417

Schubert composed his first five symphonies while still a teenager, but they represent just one facet of his prodigious fluency. At this time some of his musical ideas bear a family resemblance to certain themes from Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven, but already his own musical character is evident. He began his Second Symphony in December 1814 and had finished it by March 24th of the following year. He completed the Fourth Symphony in about three to four weeks during April 1816. We should not read too much into the Fourth Symphony’s “Tragic” appendage, added by Schubert as an afterthought. It may be merely an example of the flippant comments which he wrote on some of his youthful scores, but nevertheless the symphony has more gravitas than its predecessors. Schubert also includes a second pair of horns to enrich the texture. Actually, this is the only piece of non-programmatic music to which he gave a descriptive title. After completing the symphonic cycles of Beethoven and Mendelssohn, Jan Willem de Vriend now undertakes Schubert’s complete symphonic output. This is the first volume in that series.

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Jan Willem de Vriend

Jan Willem de Vriend is the artistic director of Combattimento Consort Amsterdam and since 2006 the chief conductor and artistic director of the Netherlands Symphony Orchestra.

In addition to having served as concertmaster with various ensembles, De Vriend developed a career as a conductor with several orchestras both in The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Italy Germany, Sweden, as well as China and Australia. Opera conducting has come to play a significant role. He has led Combattimento Consort Amsterdam in unknown operas by Gassmann, Rameau, Heinchen and Haydn, among others, as well as familiar operas by such composers as Monteverdi, Handel, Rossini and Mozart. For the opera houses of Lucern, Strasbourg, Barcelona and Enschede, he has conducted operas by Handel, Mozart, Verdi, Strauss and others.
He was invited by the Stanislavsky Theatre of Moscow to conduct an opera by Handel.

De Vriend was awarded the Dutch Radio 4 Prize of the year 2012. The Radio 4 Prize is awarded to a musician (or ensemble or institution) who has distinguished himself in bringing classical music to a broad public.

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CC72739: The Complete Schubert Symphonies - Vol. 1
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Symphony No. 2 D. 125 - I. Largo - Allegro vivace
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Symphony No. 2 D. 125 - II. Andante
00:07:55   N/A
Symphony No. 2 D. 125 - III. Menuetto. Allegro vivace - Trio
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Symphony No. 2 D. 125 - IV. Presto
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Symphony No. 4 D. 417 Tragic - I. Adagio molto - Allegro vivace
00:09:40   N/A
Symphony No. 4 D. 417 Tragic - II. Andante
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Symphony No. 4 D. 417 Tragic - III. Menuetto. Allegro vivace - Trio
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Symphony No. 4 D. 417 Tragic - IV. Allegro
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