Haydn - Die Schöpfung (The Creation) (2018)


Houston Symphony

Andres Orozco-Estrada

Haydn’s remarkable & breath-taking oratorio Die Schöpfung (The Creation) is thrillingly brought to life in this recording. With performances from acclaimed operatic soloists Nicole Heaston, Toby Spence and Peter Rose there are startling dramatic gestures, bold orchestral colours and sublimely beautiful word painting. Haydn’s astonishing depiction of the Genesis creation story remains his supreme masterpiece and one of the best-loved works in the entire choral repertoire. In a vivid series of tableaux, from the creation of light to Adam and Eve’s love duet, Haydn brings to life the birds, beasts and angels which all rejoice in soaring, life-affirming music. 

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Houston Symphony

Houston Symphony Led by Music Director Andrés Orozco-Estrada, the Houston Symphony continues its second century as one of America’s leading orchestras. Founded in 1913, the Houston Symphony is one of the oldest performing arts organizations in Texas, and it offers a full complement of concert, community, education, touring and recording activities. While the Symphony’s home base is Jones Hall for the Performing Arts in downtown Houston, the orchestra serves the entire Greater Houston region, regularly performing at locations around the community. As a cultural ambassador for the city and region, the Houston Symphony has toured extensively, from road tours to military bases in Texas and Louisiana during World War II, to 16 performances at Carnegie Hall. International appearances include concerts in Singapore, Moscow and Japan, in addition to European tours with stops in England, France, Holland, Germany and Austria. In 2010, the Symphony embarked on a seven-city, eight-concert tour through the United Kingdom, performing The Planets – An HD Odyssey to sold-out concert halls. The full-time ensemble of 87 musicians is the largest performing arts organization in Houston, presenting more than 300 performances annually.

Andres Orozco-Estrada

Andrés Orozco-Estrada began his tenure as Music Director of the Houston Symphony in the 2014-2015 Season, and he immediately established a dynamic presence on the podium and a deep connection with musicians and audiences. Orozco-Estrada carefully curates his programs to feature engaging combinations of classical masterworks paired with the music of today, significant artistic collaborations with contemporary composers and guest artists, and innovative use of multimedia and visual effects, all in order to make meaningful connections with the audience. A natural communicator, Orozco-Estrada engages in direct conversation about music with the audience. In addition to his post in Houston, Orozco-Estrada is chief conductor of the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra and principal guest conductor of the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Orozco-Estrada burst onto the international scene with two substitutions with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. The first substitution was his debut in 2010, standing in for Esa-Pekka Salonen; the second was in 2012, stepping in for Riccardo Muti at the Musikverein in Vienna. Orozco-Estrada now appears with many of the world’s leading orchestras, including the Vienna Philharmonic, Munich Philharmonic, and Leipzig Gewandhaus orchestras, the Mahler Chamber Orchestra, the Santa Cecilia Orchestra in Rome, and the Orchestre National de France. Recent successful debuts have included the Philadelphia Orchestra, Pittsburgh Symphony, the Cleveland Orchestra, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Rotterdam Philharmonic, Oslo Philharmonic, and the Israel Philharmonic. In the summer of 2014, he also made his debut at Glyndebourne Festival Opera conducting Don Giovanni and was immediately re-invited to conduct La Traviata in 2017. In May 2017, he will make his debut with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Born in Medellin, Colombia, Orozco-Estrada began his musical studies on the violin, and started conducting at age 15. At 19, he entered the Vienna Music Academy, where he studied with Uroš Lajovic (pupil of the legendary Hans Swarowsky), and he went on to complete his degree with distinction conducting the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra at the Musikverein. photo: Anthony Ratbun
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PTC5186614: Haydn - Die Schöpfung (The Creation)
01:39:08   Select quality & channels above
The Creation, Hob. XXI - 2, Pt. 1 - No. 1, Die Vorstellung des Chaos
00:07:58   Select quality & channels above
The Creation, Hob. XXI - 2, Pt. 1 - No. 2, Nun schwanden vor dem heiligen Strahle
00:03:54   Select quality & channels above
The Creation, Hob. XXI - 2, Pt. 1 - No. 3, Und Gott machte das Firmament
00:01:59   Select quality & channels above
The Creation, Hob. XXI - 2, Pt. 1 - No. 4, Mit Staunen sieht das Wunderwerk
00:01:58   Select quality & channels above
"The Creation, Hob. XXI - 2, Pt. 1 - No. 5, Und Gott sprach "Es sammle sich das Wasser""
00:00:32   Select quality & channels above
The Creation, Hob. XXI - 2, Pt. 1 - No. 6, Rollend in schumenden Wellen
00:03:53   Select quality & channels above
"The Creation, Hob. XXI - 2, Pt. 1 - No. 7, Und Gott sprach ""Es bringe die Erde Gras hervor"""
00:00:32   Select quality & channels above
The Creation, Hob. XXI - 2, Pt. 1 - No. 8, Nun beut die Flur das frische Grün
00:05:07   Select quality & channels above
The Creation, Hob. XXI - 2, Pt. 1 - No. 9, Und die himmlischen Heerscharen verkündigten den dritten
00:00:12   Select quality & channels above
The Creation, Hob. XXI - 2, Pt. 1 - No. 10, Stimmt an die Saiten
00:02:03   Select quality & channels above
The Creation, Hob. XXI - 2, Pt. 1 - No. 11, Und Gott sprach, Es seien Lichter an der Feste des Himm
00:00:38   Select quality & channels above
The Creation, Hob. XXI - 2, Pt. 1 - No. 12, In vollem Glanze steiget jetzt die Sonne strahlend auf
00:02:53   Select quality & channels above
The Creation, Hob. XXI - 2, Pt. 1 - No. 13, Die Himmel erzählen die Ehre Gottes
00:04:12   Select quality & channels above
The Creation, Hob. XXI - 2, Pt. 2 - No. 14, Und Gott sprach, Es bringe das Wasser in der Falle herv
00:00:28   Select quality & channels above
The Creation, Hob. XXI - 2, Pt. 2 - No. 15, Auf starkem Fittiche schwinget sich der Adler stolz
00:07:15   Select quality & channels above
The Creation, Hob. XXI - 2, Pt. 2 - No. 16, Und Gott schuf grosse Walfische
00:02:23   Select quality & channels above
The Creation, Hob. XXI - 2, Pt. 2 - No. 18, In holder Anmut stehn
00:04:18   Select quality & channels above
The Creation, Hob. XXI - 2, Pt. 2 - No. 19, Der Herr ist gross in seiner Macht
00:02:15   Select quality & channels above
The Creation, Hob. XXI - 2, Pt. 2 - No. 20, Und Gott sprach, Es bringe die Erde hervor lebende Gesc
00:00:24   Select quality & channels above
The Creation, Hob. XXI - 2, Pt. 2 - No. 21, Gleich öffnet sich der Erde Scho
00:03:06   Select quality & channels above
The Creation, Hob. XXI - 2, Pt. 2 - No. 22, Nun scheint in vollem Glanze der Himmel
00:03:07   Select quality & channels above
The Creation, Hob. XXI - 2, Pt. 2 - No. 23, Und Gott schuf den Menschen
00:00:45   Select quality & channels above
The Creation, Hob. XXI - 2, Pt. 2 - No. 24, Mit Würd' und Hoheit angetan
00:03:33   Select quality & channels above
The Creation, Hob. XXI - 2, Pt. 2 - No. 25, Und Gott sah jedes Ding
00:00:18   Select quality & channels above
The Creation, Hob. XXI - 2, Pt. 2 - No. 26, Vollendet ist das grosse Werk
00:08:08   Select quality & channels above
The Creation, Hob. XXI - 2, Pt. 3 - No. 29, Aus Rosenwolken bricht
00:04:15   Select quality & channels above
The Creation, Hob. XXI - 2, Pt. 3 - No. 30, Von deiner Güt, o Herr und Gott
00:09:06   Select quality & channels above
The Creation, Hob. XXI - 2, Pt. 3 - No. 31, Nun ist die erste Pflicht erfüllt
00:02:11   Select quality & channels above
The Creation, Hob. XXI - 2, Pt. 3 - No. 32, Holde Gattin, dir zur Seite
00:07:55   Select quality & channels above
The Creation, Hob. XXI - 2, Pt. 3 - No. 33, O glücklich Paar, und glücklich immerfort
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The Creation, Hob. XXI - 2, Pt. 3 - No. 34, Singt dem Herren alle Stimmen!
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