The Gents

The Gents is a unique, all-male Dutch vocal ensemble which, in a very short period, obtained a prominent position on the international music scene. This group of young singers is praised for its characteristic sound, its flexibility, and its unequalled interpretation of a very divergent vocal repertoire. The Gents have their roots in The Roden Boys’ Choir, considered one of the Netherlands’ top boys’ choirs, and inherited its quality and professionalism. Conductor Peter Dijkstra founded the group in 1999. He was the artistic leader / conductor of the ensemble until 2007 and is now its first guest-conductor. As from August 2008, Béni Csillag is the conductor of the ensemble. Regardless of the music they perform – be it religious music from the Renaissance, romantic English music, contemporary jazz arrangements, pop songs, or works that have been specifically composed for the ensemble – the concerts of The Gents are always an extraordinary experience. As a result, they can count on an enthusiastic audience and good reviews in the press. The Gents have also acquired an international reputation. They have performed in Japan, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and Spain. In April 2005, The Gents made their first concert tour in Japan. At the invitation of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan, they performed at the World Expo in Aichi in front of an audience of 5000 people, including Dutch and Japanese royals. Its overwhelming success made the Gents decide to make a second Japan tour in 2006.

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