5.1ch Surround

Please note that we also have mostly 5.0 channel files for sale.

Surround/Multichannel DSD Listening (with at least 5 speakers) is a great way to delve deeper into music and really experience that 5th-row of the concert hall. Getting back the reflections of the natural hall from the rear speakers to give you that 3D sense.

The DSD or DXD Surround/Multichannel versions of the music at NativeDSD are mixed especially for Surround/Multichannel playback. The files have 6, a.k.a. 5.1, channels that contain the music. Stereo files have 2 channels and will play back on the left and right speakers. If you are using a Surround/Multichannel setup then we recommend choosing for Surround/Multichannel versions where available so you can hear the beautiful music in Surround Multichannel. You can also opt for STEREO & MCH when making your channel selection, that way you get both mixes at a better price.

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