Native DSD Music

Who are we?
Native DSD offers music recorded in DSD (the edited master files) from over 45 labels, currently adding up to over 1,100 DSD Albums.

What is DSD?
Direct Stream Digital (DSD) is a 1-bit audio format, developed by Sony and until recently primarily used to make SACD’s. It is the highest resolution audio available and makes you hear even more detail in music than you were used to before, like Wav and FLAC files.

How do you start listening to DSD?
1. Open a player that can handle .dsf files (Roon of course!)
2. Add your new files in the player.
3. Make sure your output is set to the DSD capable DAC you use.

Use the questionbox on the lower righthand side of this page. 

Roon & Native DSD

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How to download the Roon DSD Sampler

5 Simple steps to download the DSD content

1.  Go to the Roon DSD Sampler album page
2.  Select DSD64 and Stereo or Multichannel, or both!
3.  Click on the price button next to "Album download"
4.  The album is in the cart, head to the checkout in the top-right
5.  Use a coupon code if you have one! (These are given out by the Roon team)


The Roon DSD Sampler

Breno Viricimo, Joachim Eijlander, New Amsterdam Voices, David Elias, Budapest Festival Orchestra

Qualities: DSD 64fs
Channels: Multi, Stereo