André Perry and René Laflamme’s musical paths have crossed many times over the past 15 years before they formed 2xHD. At 2xHD, they have developed a proprietary system in conjunction with state of the art audio equipment manufacturers. The 2xHD music remastering system combines the best of vintage analog quality with state of the art DSD and DXD digital technology.

The top flight gear used in 2xHD DSD and DXD high resolution audio remastering includes Ampex Tube Analog Tape Recorders (selected for their sheer musicality, these vintage recorders have all been adjusted and highly modified by 2xHD), DCS Converters (analog to digital (AD) converters that have been modified and optimized by 2xHD), Pyramix Masscore (records all high resolution formats, allowing for great flexibility) and Siltech & Shunyata Cables (all digital and analog cables are reduced to a minimum optimal length in the digital conversion and mastering system.)

A high resolution transfer of Analog Master Tapes to DSD and DXD by 2xHD leads to a more open sound and the feeling that there is no ceiling to the music. It is an accurate and musical mastering system, earning recognition from peers and from the specialized trade publications around the world. At 2xHD, we say that “Once you hear 2xHD, you can’t go back to MP3”.

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Cantate Domino

Oscar's Motet Choir

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Jazz at the Pawnshop

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