Octavia Records

Octavia Records Inc. is a record company that exclusively releases Classical and Jazz music.  It was established in 1999 in Tokyo by Tomoyoshi Ezaki – a well-known and accomplished producer and recording engineer.

Octavia’s main label, Exton stands for “Extraordinary Tone”.  Exton aims to thoroughly seek, create, and promote worldwide, music and sounds of the highest quality. To the end, Octavia cherishes the emotional content and sensitivity cultivated through good music.

Octavia also represents three more music labels – Triton, Cryston, and Audio Lab which have been well acclaimed for over ten years ago.

Triton features an exclusive repertory of piano music while the Cryston label focuses on a repertory of wind instrument music.

Audio Lab label is a famous Jazz and Classical Music label established by a well-known recording engineer named Okihiko Sugano (1932 – 2018) in Japan known for his high quality sound recordings. Octavia has been releasing selected titles from the Audio Lab label that are mainly Jazz.

Octavia also creates music without compromise that incorporate the newest, cutting-edge recording technology and equipment with research in the industry, as a starting point of all our projects.

The staff of Octavia Records Inc. have the “ears” to create the “Extraordinary Tone” found in these albums. Octavia products are made with thorough discussion with artists and continuous challenges in the recording process without compromising artistically or technically.

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