Opus 3 is a record label founded in the late 70s by recording engineers Bo Hansson and Jan-Eric Persson.  Their philosophy was to make recordings of music in acoustic surroundings direct to analog tape.

To find the proper balance between the direct sound and the ambience in the recording setting, the Blumlein technique uses two Figure-8 microphones at a 90-degree angle.  This microphone technique was chosen and used for their entire line of productions.

The Opus 3 repertoire includes recordings of Classical music as well as Folk, Blues, Pop, Rock, and World music.  The albums from Opus 3 rapidly became reference standard recordings for audiophiles all over the world.

Footprint Records recently acquired the rights to remaster and sell the recordings of Bo Hansson, one of the founders of the famed Opus 3 label, in DSD.  Footprint Records has used Bo Hansson’s original analog tape recorder (a Telefunken M15), to transfer these recordings to DSD 256, using the extremely transparent and premium Analog to DSD 256 converters from Merging Technologies.  We are excited to bring these reference standard analog recordings to NativeDSD Music listeners in DSD.

(Please note that the Opus 3 recordings made by Jan-Eric Persson are still in his possession and are not being sold by Opus3-Footprint.)

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From Analog Tape

Bittere Erde

Johannes Landgren

From Analog Tape

Te Deum

Johannes Landgren

From Analog Tape

Petr Eben – A Composer Portrait

Johannes Landgren