Psalmus was born in 2007 to achieve an original endeavor and transmit a genuine passion, through a label exclusively dedicated to sacred music. While the sacred repertoire genre is already well existing in current labels catalogues, it is far from being exhausted. Actual treasures of sacred music are still unknown, and some are still even unprecedented. By generating a new creative momentum, Psalmus strives to offer to the public the very essence and emotion of new works, or opportunities to rediscover them with renewed interpretations.

A Psalmus album is an adventure: the discovery of the new face of a seemingly known musical work, of the beauty and rarity of an unseen piece of music.

Psalmus considers that sound recording technology contributes considerably to the musical quality and the emotional content of the recording. Therefore, we strive to keep the recording chain from the microphones to the recorder as simple as possible, with only the very best high-end audio devices on the planet, often custom designed, using DSD high-resolution audio format. Our goal is to restitute the whole, natural spectrum of emotions of the sound recordings, with a premium audiophile sound quality.

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