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I’m Just Singing A Song [Pure DSD]

Agnes Lakatos, The Special Zone

Original Recording Format: DSD 256
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I’m Just Singing A Song is a new recording from the team at Hunnia Records. It features The Special Zone which includes vocalist Agnes Lakatos, Mate Pozsar on keyboards, Tibor Csuhaj-Barna on double bass and Gabor Pusztai on percussion.  The album brings listeners some new Jazz music for your musical enjoyment. 

This is a Stereo DSD 256 recording that is exclusively available from NativeDSD Music in Pure DSD. In addition to the recorded DSD 256 bit rate, the other DSD bit rates have been created in the DSD Domain using the Signalyst HQ Player 4 Pro mastering tools by Tom Caulfield at the NativeDSD Mastering Lab. It is a DSD Exclusive, Not Available on SACD release.

Lakatos says “I’ve been planning an album for a long time with new musical material. There was no doubt that the composer of the music for the new album would be Tibor. Not because he is my husband but because his compositions always are characteristic, rhythmical, and very singable, all which are important for connecting with the audience.

Besides the new material I had a chance to improvise and make interactive music with my colleagues. To invite Máté – who has fantastic theoretical and technical skills along with a nice humane attitude – was an excellent choice. Gábor added a fresh drive to the whole band sound with his virtuosity, dynamics, and great musicality. He is the “salt” of the band.

I hope that this music (and the poetic lyrics of Sugárka Enyedi) will find the path to the listeners and will give them pleasure.”

The Special Zone
Agnes Lakatos – Vocals
Mate Pozsar – Keyboards
Tibor Csuhaj-Barna – Double Bass
Gabor Pusztai – Percussion


Please note that the below previews are loaded as 44.1 kHz / 16 bit.
Danger Zone
Folkis Fun
Forbidden Zone
I'm Just Singing a Song
Dance of Boots
Without a Pedal
Winter Solistice
No-one is Just a Stranger

Total time: 00:48:02

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Original Recording Format


Hunka Róbert Zoltán

Recording Engineer

Hunka Róbert Zoltán

Recording Type & Bit Rate

DSD 256

Release DateNovember 19, 2020

Press reviews


Ágnes Lakatos is one of the most defining personalities of Hungarian vocal jazz, both as a performer and teacher. Due to her extremely expressive style, unmistakable voice, and positive radiance, she earned the respect and love of the audience and the profession.

Her album I’m Just Singing A Song was recorded with a group called Ágnes Lakatos Special Zone. The singer’s partners in the Special Zone are pianist Máté Pozsár, who also performs on other keyboards, Ágnes’ husband, bassist Tibor Csuhaj Barna, and drummer Gábor Pusztai, percussionist.

Four compositions by Tibor Csuhaj Barna (music) and Sugárka Enyedi (lyrics) are performed on the album. In the other three compositions by Barna Csuhaj and one by Máté Pozsár, Ágnes performs the pieces. The title track “I’m Just Singing a Song” is the work of Ágnes Lakatos in terms of both music and lyrics.

I would classify the album in the modern mainstream category. As the mainstream of jazz in the world of standards, is in its mood.  But the often-striking unparalleled rhythms and the individual tone of each of the songs make the material modern and trendy in a good sense.

Ágnes’ singing is a miracle! She performs technical feats easily and playfully, revealing emotions in all the colors of the rainbow. All her voices flow with vitality and affirmation of life, supported by incredible energy, heart and soul.

In both textual and non-textual numbers, she uses his voice as an instrument, reminiscent of virtuoso saxophone and “hot” bass. She does all this in such a way that the repertoire of the album is composed of difficult – and great – compositions in terms of melody, harmony, and rhythm.

In addition to world-class singing and strong compositions, of course I must also praise the great musicians.  They feature the tasteful, delicate, yet determined and fulfilling accompaniment of Máté Pozsár, Tibor Barna Csuhaj and Gábor Pusztai, and their solos complete the fantastic product.

Unfortunately, in these difficult times, we can rarely report joyful news about Jazz.  But Ágnes Lakatos’ Special Zone’s “I’m Just Singing a Song” is definitely one of the few blessings that we have received from above.  It is a blessing.


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